Adder Debuts ADDERLink XDIP

Adder Debuts ADDERLink XDIP

The What: ADDERLink XDIP is a high-resolution, ultra low-latency, digital KVM extender or matrix. It is designed for operation across a direct 100-meter Cat-x connection, as well as standard 1GbE local network.

The What Else: Each ADDERLink XDIP receiver unit can support up to eight endpoints. It features feed-through ports at both local and remote, and can be powered from PoE or external power source. It features USB2.0 (low and full speed) for keyboard, mouse, tablets, and touchscreens, and bi-directional analog audio (line in/out) with headphone support.

The video extension system is compressed; every frame is sent with a minimal latency of 24ms (1.5 frames at 60Hz). The AdderLink XDIP extender is delivered in a “zero-config” state, so users can plug the units in and start working with them straight away. There’s no need for drivers or software to be installed. A wizard takes users through setup at the start of life of the product.

Only a single category cable is required for operation: video, USB2.0, and audio all pass along a single minimum spec of Cat-5e cable allowing reuse of existing infrastructure cables in the building. Distance is linked to the IP standard of 100-meter runs with a 40 percent overhead for safety. Longer distances are achieved by routing through an IP infrastructure.

The extender also has an intelligent EDID management to allow the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer, or alternatively, a fixed EDID can be specified.

The Bottom Line: ADDERLink XDIP is designed as a smaller-scale, lower-cost version of the ADDERLink Infinity. Using a standard IP network, it can transmit up to 1920x1200 video stream, analog audio, USB2.0, and two-channel audio over a single category cable. Each node also has a feed-through port allowing a local user station the ability to switch between a remote computer and a local computer. The transmitting node allows USB and video to monitor the source computer.

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