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Zyter Introduces Smart Factories IoT Solution

Zyter Introduces Smart Factories IoT Solution
(Image credit: Zyter)

The What: Zyter has launched Zyter Smart Factories, an end-to-end intelligent solution that connects factory floor machinery, workers, and building systems using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices on Zyter’s digital transformation platform.


The What Else: Zyter Smart Factories is a component of the Zyter SmartSpaces IoT platform. Trusted by Qualcomm to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program, the Zyter SmartSpaces Platform is designed to break down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data from IoT devices and applications in a seamless interface.

Zyter Smart Factories gives manufacturers a 360-degree view of what is happening across the entire factory floor using a network of connected devices and sensors, including safety equipment worn by workers. IoT sensors send alerts and notifications on worker safety issues, authorization breaches, machinery utilization, and asset monitoring to the Zyter Smart Factories dashboard. Zyter Smart Factories translates this data to analytics to help manufacturers understand factory productivity and safety metrics, as well as gain insight into other metrics related to factory management, operations, and efficiency improvements.

The key features of Zyter Smart Factories include a continuous stream of real-time data from IoT devices on machinery, material, and workers to enable factory managers to optimally plan production runs; detections and alerts whenever workers remove hard hats, safety goggles, and other gear; and usage of high-value machinery in terms of running times, usage efficiency, energy consumption, and more. 

The Bottom Line: Ready for 5G connectivity, Zyter Smart Factories enables manufacturers of all sizes to easily upgrade from legacy hard-wired IT and Wi-Fi systems to a private 5G-enabled IT or cellular network that supports multiple IoT devices. 

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