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Strategic Planning and the "Perpetual Whitewater" of Dx (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Consider how strategic planning in higher education has traditionally taken place: A campus leader identifies a group of trusted colleagues and key stakeholders. A series of meetings and group exercises—sometimes facilitated by an external consultant—is convened where constituents identify themes and possible goals, provide information on the current state of affairs, share perspectives, and raise concerns. Input from the campus community may be sought through surveys and focus group discussions. These meetings, group exercises, and outreach efforts, in turn, lead to a strategic plan, which includes SWOT analyses, data summations, and a distillation of ideas."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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Yes, digital transformation is dynamic. But at times, that dynamism can feel downright turbulent. While it adds a major layer of complexity to the strategic planning process, but it really all comes down to communicating value and staying nimble as things shift.