Spatial Introduces a Simple Scalable Turnkey Solution—Here's What to Know

A chic lobby using the Spatial Space Kit.
(Image credit: Spatial)

Meet the Spatial Spatial Space Kit. Spatial takes years of immersive experience design and packaged it into a turnkey all-in-one hardware and software solution that includes pre-configured hardware with Spatial’s powerful software to make it easier than ever to bring immersive audio to commercial applications. Coming early 2023, the Spatial Space Kit allows customers to deploy Spatial right out of the box, dramatically reducing installation time, complexity, and cost.

“Taking the learning from years of custom immersive experience design scaling from a few speakers in small environments to hundreds in combined indoor and outdoor spaces, we’ve packed everything necessary for commercial customers to rapidly deploy immersive soundscapes in their stores, offices, hospitals and more,” said Calin Pacurariu, co-founder and CEO of Spatial. “Spatial Space Kit takes the best elements and allows commercial customers to immediately deploy immersive soundscapes with proven impact for their employees, front line workers, first responders and guests.”

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The Spatial Space Kit for immersive audio.

(Image credit: Spatial)

Within minutes commercial customers can enjoy the impact from a targeted set of soundscapes optimized for segments with immersive audio design based on decades of research from Spatial and our creative content partners. The initial soundscapes are pre-configured for customer-intended use and allows for flexible updates as experiences evolve. Among hundreds of soundscape variations, targeted scenes include:

  • Retail collection: inspiration for brand specific bespoke experiences
  • Office collection: biophilic, energy and focus for employees in corporate, hybrid and distributed team environments
  • Healthcare collection: proven experiences improving nurse, doctor and patient wellness

Internal and professional creative teams can also leverage Spatial Space Kit to build fully bespoke experiences for their brands, much like larger scale customized Spatial installations. The power of Spatial Studio allows for the full range of interactive, real-time experiences creatives have come to expect from Spatial.

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Spatial worked closely with Sonance’s James Loudspeaker team to assure small to medium sized spaces are enveloped and reshaped with a balanced soundfield in all dimensions, assuring the spectrum of human impact through immersive audio. This allows for magical experiences for one or many people experiencing the included and ever-growing Spatial library of hyper-realistic object-based immersive soundscapes for fully bespoke experiences.

The Spatial Space Kit for immersive audio.

(Image credit: Spatial)

Spatial Space Kit eliminates the complexities typically associated with the setup of immersive audio installations. Leading customers are already benefiting from immersive audio including retailers, hospitals, museums, fully thematic experiences and more. The kit is also an ideal option for initial exploration and research for brands as they commit to full scale immersive audio rollouts across their locales.

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“Versus traditional audio from stereo to surround sound, truly immersive audio design brings a pattern of challenges for customers that customers face including rapidly scaling effective early deployments to multiple locations in small to medium sized spaces,” said Sid Bhargava, product lead at Spatial. “We were thrilled to work with Sonance to design and develop a distillation of these learnings into a balanced package. Spatial Space Kit is the fruit of that effort.”

“Providing a full range and balanced immersive soundfield in three dimensions required a fundamentally different approach than traditional speaker design,” said Todd Ryan, chief speaker designer at Sonance. “We were able to take the custom design craft expertise from our James Loudspeaker team and meet the unique requirements for Spatial.”

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