Solid State Logic Launch 16 Channel ORIGIN Mixing Console: What to Know

The new Solid State Logic mixing console.
(Image credit: Solid State Logic)

Solid State Logic (SSL) has expanded its ORIGIN range with a new 16-channel variant. ORIGIN 16 has the same features, intelligent hybrid workflows and SSL sound quality, all in a smaller footprint. Ideal for project studios, music technology schools and colleges, as well as producer rooms or smaller record/mix facilities, ORIGIN 16 brings the dream of an SSL studio closer to a broader range of users who crave the legendary sound and advanced workflow of SSL.

ORIGIN 16 is a go-to solution for a hybrid, DAW-based workflows where console automation is not required. Sharing the same center section as the bigger 32 channel variant, ORIGIN 16 draws on traditional in-line consoles for inspiration, while leveraging SSL's latest analogue design.

"We are thrilled to extend the ORIGIN range, offering no-compromise SSL quality to an even broader range of professionals. For its size and footprint, we are confident there is no other analogue console on the market today that offers superior performance or value.” said Nigel Beaumont, managing director of Solid State Logic.

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Simple signal flow, advanced features

ORIGIN 16's simple signal flow and layout make it easy to understand and use, while features such as channel direct outputs, a fully balanced electronic architecture and precision bargraph meters make it an ideal companion for even the highest quality converters and the most demanding professional production applications.

Similar to its larger sibling, an innovative modular center section allow ORIGIN 16 to adapt to different applications—for instance a tracking console with additional boutique analogue processing to its 19-inch rack center section, or a more digital/analogue hybrid approach with screens and controllers such as the SSL UF8 Advanced DAW Controller—all of which are easily reached from the listening position. ORIGIN 16's ultra-low power consumption and innovative power saving features equal lower operational costs for smaller rooms and musician-based project studios.

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Stunning audio performance

The new Solid State Logic mixing console.

(Image credit: Solid State Logic)

ORIGIN 16's PureDrive microphone preamplifier provides a wide range of sonic options, bringing unparalleled flexibility whether using it for tracking or mixing. Users can attain ultra-clean to driven sounds present in previous SSL mic predesigns, but also engage a warmer, more harmonically rich tone by activating the “Drive” function. 

ORIGIN 16 also uses a classic SSL EQ design on its previous generations of consoles. The E-Series '242' EQ was probably the most popular EQ from the SL 4000 Series console range, and this design was also present in several SSL console designs that followed, including the G-Series. A built-in classic SSL Bus Compressor, with sidechain access and HP filter, make ORIGIN 16 the perfect solution for mixing and summing.

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ORIGIN 16 key features:

  • 16 mono in-line channels / 16 track busses / eight stereo subgroups / total of 56 inputs at mixdown.
  • Same master section and monitoring options as 32 channel ORIGIN.
  • PureDrive mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL Mic Predesigns, and can switch to a warm, harmonically rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain when the “Drive” function is activated.
  • Mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly low noise floor, huge headroom along with SSL’s latest summing bus technology that retains the classic SSL sound while bringing the breadth and space to mixes.
  • Acclaimed SSL E-Series ‘242 type’ four band parametric channel EQ.
  • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with sidechain access and HP filter.
  • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
  • Dedicated Channel Direct Output make it easy to print mixes to the workstation.
  • Modern circuit designs and unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs.

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