QSC Announces NS Series Gen 2 Network Switches

QSC NS Series Gen2
(Image credit: QSC)

The What: QSC has introduced the Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 enterprise-grade, Netgear-manufactured AV network switches. 

The What Else: These new network switches provide real-time transport of Q-LAN, AES67, and Dante audio streams in addition to Q-LAN video streaming and distribution, simultaneously within the same VLAN, without the need to manually configure or adapt QoS settings.

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Each Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 network switch features standard PoE on each of its ports (excluding the uplink and SFP ports) providing combined power, data, and control for Q-SYS devices. Furthermore, two NS Series Gen 2 models support PoE ++ for use with Q-SYS devices that carry greater power requirements. This eliminates the need for PoE injectors and external power supplies and greatly simplifies the wiring process.

The NS Series offers features that automatically manage multicast traffic on the network with integrated Netgear IGMP Plus to provide multicast data management between multiple NS Series switches. Additionally, an optional built-in DHCP server is pre-configured, enabling automated connectivity for independently administered AV systems.

“We understand the time and effort it takes to meet the specific requirements necessary to implement a modern AV network,” said Trent Wagner, audio products manager, QSC. “These second-generation network switches help eliminate the guesswork and make it easier for IT tech support to implement and troubleshoot, saving both time and money. Furthermore, the Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 switches have become a benchmark for future Q-SYS products, ensuring your AV investment will continue to be supported as you expand and evolve your system.”

The Bottom Line: The Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 switches are preconfigured to meet the requirements of the Q-SYS audio, video, and control platform, providing an out-of-box solution for faster, more reliable deployment of standalone AV networks.

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