PPDS Unveils New Philips Signage 3000 Series QE-Line

The new Philips Signage 3000 Series QE-Line in an office setting.
(Image credit: PPDS)

PPDS has launched the new Philips Signage 3000 EcoDesign Series QE-Line, delivering 4K UHD video and picture performance while running on half the power compared to other models.

The Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign is configurable to meet the needs of any environment with no additional hardware necessary.  Available now in 50, 55, and 65-inch variants, the portrait or landscape mountable Philips Signage 3000 EcoDesign Series complements the features of the Philips Signage 3000 Q-Line Series, but redesigned, remodeled, and repackaged using PPDS’ new Eco Design methodology, for seemingly impossible energy efficiencies and reduced wastage.

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Manufactured with the environment in mind and utilizing the latest hardware and software—developed both in-house and in partnership with others in the market, including advanced remote management—the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign consumes up to 50% less power versus comparable models, while continuing to offer 4K Ultra HD visual performance via a powerful 350 cd/m2 LED display.

“At PPDS we take a circular approach to business, creating products that are more sustainable and energy efficient from the moment they are conceived, through the manufacturing process, their delivery and installation, all the way to the end of their extended first life—and beyond," said Martijn van der Woude, head of global marketing and business development.

The Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign is equipped with a quad-core chipset ensuring smooth running and consistent performance. It joins PPDS’ ever-growing Android SoC family of displays, and can be managed manually, or entirely remotely, using third-party software or PPDS’ range of in-house of solutions. This now includes PPDS Wave.

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The Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign also significantly reduces wastage—including plastic—from its packaging, with the Series delivered in 100% recycled and recyclable materials. All plastic bags (including those for individual accessories and components in the box) have now been removed, while the use of polystyrene has been replaced with innovative cushioning made using 100 per cent recycled paper, maintaining the same high levels of safety and protection of the product.

In the unlikely event of a content disruption, the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign also comes equipped with PPDS’ ‘FailOver’ technology, ensuring the display never goes blank, switching automatically to the secondary input if the primary source becomes unavailable.

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