Online Enrollment and Campus Culture (Inside Higher Ed)

"This is a 'thinking out loud' piece. It’s not advocating for a particular point of view, because I haven’t landed on one. I’m trusting my wise and worldly readers to engage in that spirit."—Source: Inside Higher Ed

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Unique PoV from a community college stakeholder. As online enrollment increases, what does that mean for the day-to-day, hour-to-hour "culture" of a campus? If certain areas of a campus are quieter as a result of growing enrollment in online courses, how does this shift impact overall student and faculty morale? Fascinating conversation, and an often overlooked aspect of the digitization of education. What's your view? Can a college still be a bustling beehive of activity if less and less students and faculty are actually walking the halls, sitting in lecture halls, or laying outside on sunny days with their books and coffee? How will the sense of student camaraderie be affected, if at all?