MultiDyne Launches Advanced Power Extension Line for Fiber Camera Systems

MultiDyne Launches Advanced Power Extension Line.
(Image credit: MultiDyne)

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems returns to IBC with power extension in mind for camera operators seeking to free themselves from the limitations of SMPTE cable, and cleanly merge broadcast and digital cinema signal chains. The company’s new APE family achieves both by adding advanced power extension capability to MultiDyne’s SMPTE HUT and SilverBack systems via integrated DC power supplies.

MultiDyne developed the APE family to meet the needs of DC-powered cameras from leading vendors, and the devices are plug-and-play with automatic camera recognition. The HUT-APE frees camera chains from the limitations of hybrid copper and fiber cabling by enabling cameras to be separated from their CCUs. It achieves this by tricking the camera and CCU into seeing a physical copper connection. Content producers can then instead use affordable, conventional single-mode fiber, which brings added benefits such as improved performance (no RF, EMI, or grounding issues), accelerated set and strike times, and reduced weight for transport on OB trucks and within flypacks.

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The HUT-APE offers long range power for DC-powered systems, broadening the range of camera manufacturers and types now supported. Content producers can now pair a HUT-APE with the latest high-end SMPTE studio cameras from Grass Valley, Panasonic, and Sony, and provide power from up to three kilometers away over SMPTE hybrid fiber. The HUT-APE can be paired with a companion throwdown power converter to provide 12 and 24-volt accessory power to lights, monitors and other production equipment in places where local power isn’t available.

The chain gets even more interesting when extending capability to include MultiDyne SilverBack fiber camera adapters. SilverBacks are fiber-optic camera adapter systems ideal for multi-cam production environments. MultiDyne’s latest SilverBack-V and SilverBack-VB systems specialize in converting digital cinema cameras into SMPTE studio cameras for live multi-camera productions, adding a cinematic feel to sports, TV and worship content, for example.

MultiDyne Launches Advanced Power Extension Line.

(Image credit: MultiDyne)

The SilverBack-APE is an advanced power extension adapter that includes multiple outputs, and integrates to the SilverBack series. It matches with camcorders or digital cinema cameras from any manufacturer, including the new 24-volt ALEXA35 camera from ARRI, which is quickly becoming very popular in the film production community. The APE lineup adds value by not only adapting 24-volt cameras from ARRI and other vendors to multi-camera productions, but also by powering Grass Valley, Panasonic, and Sony studio cameras. This makes it a great fit for the rental market.

Jesse Foster, director of product development and Western region sales for MultiDyne, added that the APE family line also opens a broad array of opportunities with other MultiDyne systems, empowering users with more flexible signal transport options.

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“The possibilities of the SMPTE camera chain are unleashed when the hybrid cable is removed,” said Foster. “For example, we can help customers simplify how they extend and multiplex cameras by using our FiberSaver system for wavelength shifting and multiplexing up to nine cameras on one strand of single-mode fiber. Our solutions are available as granular building blocks that can be combined to help customers design and build their ideal fiber transport networks.”

Foster added that an increasing amount of MultiDyne products are becoming available with rental houses worldwide including Europe and North America, in addition to being available to purchase directly through MultiDyne or its growing channel partner network. 

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