Magewell Launches NDI Converters for Enhanced Live Production Workflows

Magewell Launches NDI Converters for Enhanced Live Production Workflows

The What: Magewell has launched two new products designed to help users reliably bring traditional video signals into live, IP-based production infrastructures using NewTek’s royalty-free NDI technology. The new Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus IP encoder hardware provides a standalone, plug-and-play onramp from HDMI sources to NDI-based production networks, while the Magewell Bridge software for NDI enables users of Magewell’s capture devices to convert one or more channels of source video into live NDI streams.

Magewell's Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus IP encoder hardware provides a standalone, plug-and-play onramp from HDMI sources to NDI-based production networks.

The What Else: Magewell’s self-contained Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus encoder converts HDMI 2.0 signals into full-bandwidth NDI streams with low latency and is plug-and-play, with automatic input signal format detection and DHCP-based network configuration, eliminating the need for manual setup. With Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus, source video is converted at its native resolution and frame rate by default, while a browser-based interface offers users control of FPGA-based up/down/cross-conversion, de-interlacing, image adjustments, and other video processing. Performing these functions can reduce network bandwidth usage and processing requirements for subsequent tools in the production workflow.

Supporting the growing adoption of 4K video in professional production workflows, the Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus transforms sources up to 4K Ultra HD at full 60 frames per second. Measuring 117.5mm by 66.7mm (4.63 by 2.63 inches) and 23.4mm (0.92 inches) thick, the compact and energy-efficient device can be powered over its Ethernet connection (PoE) or the included power adapter.

For existing users of Magewell ingest products or customers who prefer a software-based conversion solution, Magewell Bridge for NDI allows video and audio from any Magewell capture device to appear as a live source to any other NDI-enabled software and systems on the network. Running on the Windows operating system, the software is compatible with Magewell’s USB Capture and USB Capture Plus external devices, Pro Capture PCIe cards and Eco Capture M.2 hardware.

“The use of live, IP-based media transport has expanded from its roots in content distribution to become an integral part of many professional production workflows, giving customers massive flexibility while helping reduce deployment costs,” said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell. “NDI has been one of the key enabling technologies driving this transition. While some new products such as cameras support NDI directly, many customers want to use their current equipment with NDI-compatible production software. The Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus and Magewell Bridge for NDI give users a choice of easy-to-use, cost-effective, and reliable hardware or software solutions to connect their existing sources to NDI-enabled networks, systems, and software.”

"Magewell's award-winning video interface products are highly regarded by media professionals for their reliability and simplicity in bringing high-quality video signals into software-based production workflows, and we are excited that they are now offering similar benefits for NDI-enabled workflows," said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO, NewTek. “Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus and Magewell Bridge for NDI will let users easily connect existing gear into NDI-based infrastructures, helping more producers join the NDI ecosystem.”

The Bottom Line: The Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus can make HDMI input signals from any type of device available on a network as an NDI source, and offers value-added features for camera-mounted use including tally lights and NDI-based PTZ camera control. Additional Pro Convert models—including 1080p60 configurations for users requiring only 2K or HD resolution—are also planned.

The Magewell Bridge software supports all resolutions and frame rates available through the associated capture device—including Ultra HD video with Magewell’s 4K capture models—plus up to eight channels of audio. The software can convert multiple input channels to NDI simultaneously when used with multi-channel capture card models or several Magewell capture devices in the same computer.

Both products will make their world premieres at the IBC2018 exhibition in Amsterdam, where Magewell will exhibit in stand 8.A84.

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