Mad Systems Introduces the LookingGlass Concierge System

Mad Systems Introduces the LookingGlass Concierge System

The What: Mad Systems has introduced the LookingGlass Concierge, a facial recognition system.

The What Else: The LookingGlass Concierge system uses facial recognition to recognize people. It then logs each member into the group using a variety of methods including pre-entry data submitted prior to their visit, on-site using a self-service kiosk, or with assistance from a staff member. Once done, the system can keep track of where the members of that group are, retrieve pictures, and collect merchandise that members of the group purchase or win.

The system will log people and group members as they move around the venue, and always log the last place they were seen. If a person or a group member wants to find other members of the group, they can walk up to a kiosk, retrieve information of where other members of the group are, how to get there, and have an option to leave a message for them (i.e. their next stop!) using the kiosk or even a personal device.

The Bottom Line: The rationale behind the system is that the experience should be easier for visitors if they are in a venue that uses some sort of recognition system. Guests will feel safe knowing their kids cannot leave without their guardians, that people can easily find each other when separated

With a concierge system such as this in place, a lot of things that are currently a chore would be made easier for visitors, and when combined with Mad’s recognition-based media delivery, the LookingGlass system would create a unique integrated experience.

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