How VidOvation's Technology-as-a-Service Provides Greater Peace of Mind, Flexibility

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VidOvation launched a Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering as a new way to acquire the latest AV and broadcast technology that provides customers with greater peace of mind, control, and flexibility. The new payment method gives qualified customers access to any product line VidOvation carries—including top sellers like Haivision/AVIWEST, VISLINK, CyanView, MultiDyne, and IP television distribution and signage systems—through monthly payments over a 36-month or 60-month subscription term. With no significant capital outlay, the TaaS offering includes everything customers can see in a traditional solution and more. This includes installation, hardware, software, full-term maintenance, and obsolescence protection.

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"At VidOvation, we want to be your long-term trusted advisor—and TaaS helps us do just that," said Jim Jachetta, executive vice president and chief technology officer, VidOvation. "Customers who use the new TaaS offering no longer need to worry about getting locked into the wrong technology or being forced to divert a large portion of their budgets away from other necessary business expenses. With TaaS, we will guide you at every step, from finding the technology that best fits your needs to performing all maintenance to advising you several years down the line — when your needs change and there are new technologies better-suited to your operation."

There are two key differences between TaaS and a traditional lease. First, nearly all lease options are designed to or end up in ownership. With TaaS, there is no option for ownership. When viewing the variables and market conditions, customers may find it far more compelling to not own than they would to own, particularly if they can avoid spending a large portion of their net revenue on nonrecoverable costs like labor, installation, and training.

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The second difference between a traditional lease and TaaS has to do with performance or the tactics in how TaaS operates. TaaS provides the ability to be financially protected from technology obsolescence and includes secured maintenance pricing for the term, which typically doesn't exist in a traditional lease. VidOvation's new TaaS offering includes both.

With maintenance, service, and an extended warranty included as part of the subscription, VidOvation will treat each component like a rental and is therefore required to repair or replace. VidOvation will offer proactive checkups and concierge services supported by traditional service-level provisions. VidOvation's ongoing service agreements are now part of the monthly subscription, even for most failure situations. This removes the burden of additional service expenses for customers throughout the subscription term. This new TaaS program will even absorb the deductible on the insurance should the equipment be harmed by a natural disaster.

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