How To Keep Cyber Shenanigans Out Of The Digital Classroom (EdTech Magazine)

"At Arizona State University, an online Introduction to Storytelling class is disrupted by participants posting offensive comments. At The Ohio State University, during an online class in engineering, an uninvited intruder drowns out the teacher by playing loud music and hijacking the chat room. And at the University of Iowa, as a professor prepares to teach her class — an online diversity and equity course on the Holocaust and genocide — three nonstudent attendees display racist and anti-Semitic symbols in the virtual backgrounds of their videoconferencing user profiles."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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The virtual classroom is as much of a learning space as a physical room on campus, and faculty and staff must treat ensure the safety and privacy of the learning experience. "Zoom-bombings" and similar breaches have captured the headlines, and they are serious issues, but there are far more common problems with cyber learning that require more of a culture shift and creative problem, such as preventing students from hiring stand-ins to take their exams. This article outlines some best practices.