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FSR Supports Foster Care Charity

FSR continued its long-standing tradition of giving back to the community when the company sponsored a ‘Christmas Evening’ event for children from HomeSafe, a group foster home located in West Palm Beach, FL.

The ‘Christmas Day Movie Trip’ run by charity Kindness Shared Happiness Squared—a non-profit organization created to distribute happiness to kids and animals—was a truly memorable experience for 25 children and caregivers. The group—which received gift cards to buy popcorn, candy, and drinks—was divided between two movie theatres on Christmas Day to ensure safety and compliance with CDC social-distancing regulations. 

“This event allowed these children to experience the wonder of Christmas thanks to this incredible charity." said Jan Sandri, president, FSR. "They had the theatres to themselves and enjoyed a movie with their friends and caregivers on Christmas Day, which is such a magical time. We were honored to work with this wonderful charity and be able to sponsor this night of happiness.”

Since its creation in 2015, Kindness Shared Happiness Squared has grown from conducting small, seasonal kindness projects to producing full time programs; this includes the addition of rescue animals and therapy programs. 

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