Driving Content: What’s New in Digital Signage Media Players

Digital Signage Media Players
(Image credit: Sharp NEC)

As digital signage networks put more of an emphasis on transformative and immersive experiences, media players have increased in complexity to keep up, expanding on their internal capabilities and deliverables.

“As content becomes richer and the number of displays used in a typical deployment rises exponentially, much greater demands are being placed on the media players driving content,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO for BrightSign, one of the market leaders in digital signage media players. “In this respect, media players are expected to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.”

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The industry responded by updating base model media players to include capabilities that up to a few years ago were only found in higher-end models. Today, even the most basic media players support 1080p—with higher end options supporting 4K—and this allows them to keep up with HD content demands.

With so many media players to choose from, limiting your focus to purpose-built media players is critical. “This holds true not only from a hardware perspective, but also for the software,” said Hastings. “Ideally you want a rugged hardware build that’s running software purpose-built for digital signage. This delivers reliable performance to avoid unnecessary downtime, as well as the security to ensure your AV network doesn’t become an easy point of entry for hackers and other bad actors.”

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Even though media players are advancing rapidly, it is still possible to find a solution that will fit your needs now and in the future. “Nothing frustrates a customer more than having to rip and replace media players in two years’ time because they’re not capable of scaling to more robust content down the road,” added Hastings. With that in mind, here are some of the latest advancements on the market to help drive high-impact content or support your media player within your next digital signage install. 

ViewSonic NMP589-W


(Image credit: ViewSonic)

The ViewSonic NMP-589-W is a viable option for those looking for a wireless HD network media player to support innovative and compelling digital signage installs within retail, hospitality, or point-of-sale advertising. The media player offers 4K/UHD video playback as well as the ability to access content directly from the cloud that can be broadcast live. Wireless connectivity and HTML5 support allow for increased accessibility via the web or from a network server. The player also includes 16GB of built-in memory, helping to store and play continuous content for hours on end. 

BrightSign Mobile

BrightSign Media Player

(Image credit: BrightSign)

With many looking to access digital signage out of range of traditional networks, BrightSign Mobile provides cellular network connectivity to players out of range of Wi-Fi or Ethernet, removing the need for on-site visits to update content. With the help of Brightsign Mobile, content can be deployed to any endpoint within range of a cellular network. 

MuxLab 4K Digital Signage Player Plus and DigiSign Software


(Image credit: MuxLab)

The 4K Digital Signage Player Plus (model 500789) from MuxLab gives users the ability to simultaneously receive H.264/H.265 AV content up to 4K/60 (4:4:4) from a local network, the web, or internal memory. The player also offers multi-view capability, including multiple 1080p windows and dual 4K windows. Using the high-impact DigiSign Software, users can take advantage of brand-new features like proof of play, interactive mode scripts, and interactive mode gestures to deliver targeted content to boost sales and increase overall revenue. 

Chief Proximity Component Storage Slide-Lock Panel


(Image credit: Chief)

Chief's Proximity component storage slide-lock panel provides an easy-to-conceal option for mounting AV equipment behind displays. The panel includes a built-in 15x10-inch Lever Lock plate that can be easily removed and replaced to provide post-installation service without disrupting the display. Its 15-pound weight capacity makes it compatible with most small devices for AV installations, while its patented universal small device mounting pattern provides the ability to mount devices with cable ties, hook and loop fasteners, and nuts and bolts.


Jennifer Guhl

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