Culture Shock: Teaching Online in a Pinch (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Our plane has made an emergency landing in a country some faculty members have been to, some have been curious about, and some never wanted to visit: teaching online. Some of you may have seen pictures and heard good things about it. Others may have heard horror stories. With the current push at many colleges and universities to move face-to-face classes online, faculty members may be at least a little worried about how this is going to go."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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As instructors scramble to take courses online, it's necessary to take a brief moment and re-calibrate. Assess your own strengths and limits when it comes to distance learning. Do you need more technical training? Would a pedagogical module help? This EDUCAUSE PoV urges stakeholders to model the collaborative behavior you hope to see in your students, especially during challenging times.