Black Box Introduces NIAP 3.0-Certified Port Isolator for KVM Unsecured Systems

The What: Black Box has launched the Secure KVM Defender, an NIAP 3.0-certified port isolator that enables protection of unsecured KVM systems.

Black Box launches the Secure KVM Defender, an NIAP 3.0-certified port isolator that enables protection of unsecured KVM systems.

(Image credit: Image courtesy Black Box)

The What Else: The Secure KVM Defender ensures that video, USB, and audio data flow only from the computer to the peripheral, with no access to other classified or sensitive networks. Without compromising speed or support for DVI Dual Link resolutions, this single-direction data transmission provides a complete isolation of the secure computer, preventing all kinds of intruder attempts via cyber hacking, eavesdropping, or device retasking.

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Ensuring absolute isolation of mechanical, electrical, and optical signals with techniques, including air gapping, the Secure KVM Defender blocks the direct connection between the host PC or laptop and a peripheral device, such as a printer, projector, speaker, or any other device that shares access with a classified computer or network. In addition to eliminating security threats and data leakage, the device safeguards critical data from being accidentally transferred or compromised.

Each port on the Secure KVM Defender uses its own isolated data channels, and the device itself erases the internal cache and keyboard data to ensure that no residual data remains on any data channel. Fixed, secure firmware/ROM keeps intruders from reading, reprogramming via unwanted firmware upgrades, or physically removing the Secure KVM Defender device. Active internal anti-tamper switches, external hologram tamper-evident seals, and a long-life internal anti-tampering battery add further security.

The Bottom Line: Preventing data leakage between secure and unsecured systems through shared peripheral connections, the Secure KVM Defender adds a critical layer of security for sensitive or classified data passed across existing KVM matrix switching networks.

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