Students Find University Apps Helpful, but Want More Personalization -

Students Find University Apps Helpful, but Want More Personalization

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Students expect their colleges to be tech savvy, and a new survey from Ellucian indicates that it is influencing how they pick their schools. In the survey of 1,000 college students, 87 percent said the technological prowess of colleges was important to them when applying. With nontraditional students, that number increased to 90 percent.

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Nearly three-quarters of students polled in this survey want real personalization not just lip service. They hope their colleges will utilize their personal data in more effective ways. Students reported that they want data to help improve career preparation, interview training, finance support, such as tuition and financial aid, and student housing and student organizations. Fascinating metrics here.


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I marvel at the emphasis placed on IT and AV acumen. Rice University—like many organizations in the higher ed, retail, enterprise, hospitality, and government sectors—expect their tech managers to be proficient in AV and IT even though these sensibilities can be quite distinct. Notice that I say "can be quite distinct." To paraphrase the feedback from one AV Technology reader, a college tech manager, so much has changed in this industry and yet it magically stays the same.