Shure on the Importance of Networked Audio Security

Shure MXA710 and MXN5-C
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Communications has continued to be a critical part of the infrastructure that drives business, education, health care, and government.  Whether you’re a business with project teams whose members are scattered around the globe or a hospital with doctors and nurses delivering patient care online, effective and reliable communication is more important than ever.  There is constant pressure to make it easy to connect to collaboration tools and networks with as few barriers as possible.

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For many users, the act of enabling more collaboration and ease of access also carries a risk of opening the door to malicious actors.  Whether their goal is to steal data or simply disrupt operations, safeguarding your IP network is a top priority.  As AV conferencing equipment becomes increasingly network capable, IT managers need to consider both productivity gains and potential security issues.

To help customers address these types of concerns, Shure has worked to develop technology that helps to safeguard audio content without compromising audio quality.  To do this, the company relies on a mix of proprietary and standards-based approaches that deliver secure audio over wired and wireless connections.

Security measures need to be considered in both wired and wireless contexts since many audio systems include both of these formats.  For example, the room seating layout or usage patterns might require the convenience of wireless microphones, which make it essential to encrypt the signal during transmission and maintain security of the encryption key used by the transmitter and receiver.  Further downstream, audio flows need to be encrypted as they pass between Dante-enabled components like mixers, DSP’s, amplifiers, and even loudspeakers.  Management of audio security must be robust enough to be effective, yet easy enough to implement and administer for technicians and staff.

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Ronald Rousseau

Ronald Rousseau is a manager in Shure’s Global Product Management group, focusing on product security and software platforms. He has been at Shure for 12 years, and most of that time was spent in System Verification and System Engineering. Rousseau has also recently taught in the Cisco Academy to students working toward their CCNA.

Prior to Shure, Rousseau worked as a system engineer for AT&T deploying custom network solutions for enterprise customers. Earlier in his career, he worked in product development at Lucent and Tellabs developing core routers and other IP technologies. He has a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering.