Review: IntelliEvent Software

Review: IntelliEvent Software

Editor’s Note: Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. John Tebaldi, Business Manager, Event Services, Stanford University, says that on par with school’s world-class education is Stanford’s live event calendar. From commencement to alumni reunions, the California campus is a beehive of activity year round.

To manage the day to day necessities of such a bustling campus, Tebaldi implemented software from the company IntelliEvent. Though he researched a variety of rental and event management options, he decided on IntelliEvent, and he’s glad he did. Here’s why.

We started using IntelliEvent software in earnest in September of 2007. From unlocking the main auditorium every day, to the chairs and linens for commencement, we’re always busy. IntelliEvent does a good job of getting your system and your staff online and in action quickly. In events services, we’ve operated more than 8,000 events.

ROI is key with a software purchase like this, and figuring greatly in the decision is the amount of time saved and efficiencies enhanced. We’re fully automated. It is four different systems all in one. Accounting, bar codes, purchase orders, attach event diagrams, and more. All the info you need is in one place, up to date, in real time, so the whole team can collaborate.

In our department, with 36 full time employees and 12 to 15 core users of the software, we’ve found it is an easy system to learn, and it is a tool to put into use as centralized piece. In 2.5 years since implementation, we have significantly increased our ability to manage events and minimize mistakes. It prevents us from double booking and saves man power.

with a lot of software, and in a department as busy as this, it takes a lot of time to get it up and running. You can’t get around the inventory input process — inputting hundreds of chairs, tables, linens, etc. But once it’s up and running, it’s great.

Every ceremony and event on the campus of Stanford University, from The Big Five (including new student orientation, reunion, and homecoming) to summer conferences and small party rentals.

This software will help you grow, make processes much more efficient, and you will accrue cost-savings. IntelliEvent also offers new enhancements every two to three months with an automatic upgrade. You can receive customization and personalization if you need it. You’ll deal with less emergencies, less last-minute mistakes, less fires to put out. There are numerous refining processes, too, so the system can grow as your division grows. Your error rate will be down.

John Tebaldi is the business manager of the event services department at Stanford University.