Geneva Trims Budget -

Geneva Trims Budget

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GENEVA, OH-City schools in Geneva, OH have selected VBrick Systems to stream cable television to the classroom economically and reliably, eliminating $200,000 in traditional IT infrastructure costs. VBrick also enables Geneva to select and restrict access to specific cable stations, thereby ensuring age-appropriate content throughout the district.

Geneva selected VBrick encoder appliances to stream cable television channels to each classroom across the district's gigabit fiber-optic network, thereby eliminating the requirement for a separate classroom television coax cable deployment. VBrick also enables IT administrators to restrict cable channel classroom access.

"VBrick was head and shoulders above the other products that we researched because it is easy to configure and use," said Scott Huggins, director of technology, Geneva Area city schools.

VBrick's intuitive management and reliability frees Geneva's scarce IT human resources to focus on other initiatives.

Networked classrooms access all 10 simultaneous channel streams from VBrick. Teachers view the cable channels directly on the classroom PCs. VBrick's StreamPlayer software, installed on PCs, enables the teachers to access any of the 10 cable streams. StreamPlayer's intuitive menu-driven interface makes it easy for teachers to select a preferred channel.


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