City Light Church Uplifted With Martin Audio -

City Light Church Uplifted With Martin Audio

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New York, NY--A vibrant sanctuary and worship center on New York's Lower East Side, the City Light Church urges its followers to "Rediscover Life" in a relaxed and casual, multicultural environment. Recently, the Church set out to upgrade the audio system for their coffee shop/cabaret venue that holds a number of music and open-mic events as part of City Light's approach.

Designer/installer Justin Slazas working with Delicate Electronics of Los Angeles, wanted to provide the highest quality of audio within the $25,000 budget in what was a small space with ceilings only eight feet high.

Pressed for specifics, Slazas goes on to point out that, consulting with Bill Sage of Delicate, who had installed Martin Audio AQ Series speakers in several venues and Rob Hofkamp, director of operations for North America, he determined "the AQ10 and AQ212 Series speakers were ideal for providing high output and clear articulate sound from compact enclosures. They were also a passive design that saves on processing and amplification, had unobtrusive horizontal and vertical mounting options and the ability to work in a variety of room shapes and sizes with minimal additional equipment and EQing. Martin's independently programmable DX1 System Management Processor was also very useful, as were their MA4.8Q and MA4.2Q amps that deliver a lot of power from four rack spaces."

Slazas pointed out, "After looking at several companies, we decided to go with the Martin AQ series. As a sound designer and engineer, I have been working with a variety of Martin products for years. There is a certain well-balanced sound that all Martin Boxes exhibit which I felt worked particularly well for this project. And the price point was right too, so they could spend money on other equipment that needed upgrading."

The rest of the system included a new Mackie 1202-VLZ3 and a ULX Professional Wireless System. Summing up, Slazas added, "We had a very short time frame to get the equipment delivered and installed. Getting the speakers, processor and amplification from one manufacturer helped a lot, and Martin Audio's customer service and support were invaluable in getting this project done right and on time."

Asked about the client's reaction to the new system, Slazas reported, "After installing the system and going through several of City Lights' largest services, I received an email from the worship pastor, Darryn Belieu. His exact words were 'The sound is phenomenal!'"

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