Would You Like Fries With That?

  • Selling technology products in today's market is fairly straightforward. Technology buyers need computers and laptops, projectors, flat panels, and other AV products. But without the furniture to support this technology, those sales are incomplete. As a result, the reseller is leaving a considerable amount of money sitting on the table.
  • Compare selling furniture to selling French fries-they not only run up the cost of the sale, they also carry a great margin for the restaurant. French fries provide the customer with a good meal and a full stomach for just a small additional price. And the restaurant makes more money simply by suggesting French fries with every meal. Everyone wins!
  • Furniture enhances the comfort, aesthetics, and possibilities of the technology while making the purchaser feel satisfied-like they received a complete solution at a good value. Alone, these products may be viewed as accessories or peripherals, but when offered with the electronics, they become a one-stop-shopping solution for the customer with high profitability potential for the reseller.
  • To make a solid recommendation on the proper technology and media furniture products, the reseller must understand the customer's application. Once the layout of the room is understood, furniture recommendations will become the natural next step in the sales process. Based on the AV equipment a customer is planning to purchase, the reseller needs to ask the right questions to suggest what furniture accessories may be useful. Knowing the average number of people who use the space, its dimensions, the various obstructions in the space, and how frequently and for what the room will be used for will allow the reseller to gauge the necessary accessories. By asking the right questions, resellers can more than double the total sale, exponentially increase their margins and give the customer a complete room solution.