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Wiring And Cable

Wiring And Cable

GefenTV HDMI 1.3 Flat Cables

The GefenTV HDMI 1.3 Flat Cables are copper-based cables enclosed in a durable, flat shape to enable easy runs beneath carpeting or along baseboards and walls. Available in lengths of 6, 10, and 15 feet, the cables support hi-def resolutions to 1080p full HD and the entire scope of HDMI v1.3 features including deep color, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio. Engineered to be resistant to EMI, these flat cables are HDCP compliant and are certified for high bandwidth signal transmission at data rates up to 10.2 Gb/sec.

Neutrik opticalCON QUAD
Neutrik’s opticalCON QUAD is a four-channel version of its solid and ruggedized-protected fiber optic connector system. Designed for multichannel point-to-point cabling applications, the optical- CON QUAD is IP65 rated for dust tight and water jet protection. With three variations including fourchannel, four-channel X-treme, and Triple-Split 12-channel assemblies, Neutrik’s opticalCON QUAD provides several fiber solutions for any live event.

Liberty Edulinx Classroom Solution
Liberty Wire & Cable has created the Edulinx product solution, which allows users to connect a wide range of analog video and audio signals, all at once. The cable was designed to be pulled through conduit, and the single connector is keyed. The Edulinx cable plugs directly into a low profile Edulinx wall plate.

Legrand/Wiremold AV Solutions

Legrand/Wiremold has completed a program to integrate audio/video connectivity directly into products from every major wire and cable pathway. These provide the space, capacity, and bend radius needed to install AV devices without modifying the cabling pathway or installing a separate pathway. Selected Wiremold perimeter raceway systems, floor boxes, and poke-thru devices, as well as Vista Architectural Columns, deQuorum Worksurface Portals, and in-wall products now offer the ability to integrate AV connectivity.

Extron DTP26 Cable

Extron DTP26 cable provides signal transmission for Extron digital twisted pair extenders, including the DVI 201 Series, HDMI 201 Series, and DVI DL 201. With the Extron DTP26 cable, digital video signals up to 1920x1200 and 1080p/60 can be extended to 175 feet, versus 100 feet with standard Cat-5e cable. Extron DTP26 cable consists of four individually shielded copper pairs and an overall braided shield. The cable is constructed using 26 AWG solid copper conductors for noise protection. Extron DTP26 cable is available in plenum and non-plenum 1,000-foot spools.

Extron USB Extender

Extron Electronics’ USB Extender is a two-piece transmitter and receiver set for extending USB up to 450 feet (135 meters) on a single, standard Cat-5/5e/6 or Cat-7 cable. It is compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0 and includes a four-port hub supporting simultaneous connection of up to four USB devices. The USB Extender can be used in applications utilizing the Extron Annotator and remote touchscreen displays, as well as applications that require the remote location of USB peripherals such as interactive whiteboards, keyboards, mice, and other HID-human input devices.

SM Pro Audio DiDock Live!
The SM Pro Audio’s DiDock Live! MP3 player docking station expands on the core feature set of the company’s DiDock. The new DiDock Live is designed to let users mix external signals with the iPod audio stream and set mix levels for the combined signals independently at the master and headphone outputs. Also included are L/R transformer-isolated XLR outputs with independently switchable ground lifts, a left/center/right output select switch, a charger mode for making sure an iPod is always ready to roll, and a remote control input for operating the iPod.

Shure PSM 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System

Shure’s PSM 900 wireless personal monitor system is an all-metal, thin wireless bodypack receiver and a half-rack single wireless transmitter. The PSM 900 also will be available with Shure’s SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones, which feature enhanced sound signatures and dual-speaker technology in a small, lightweight design. Unlike earlier SE models, the SE425 features a detachable cable and formable wire at the earpiece to provide performers more accurate sound and a better fit.

Riedel RockNet And RockWorks

Riedel Communications has introduced its RockNet RN.334.MD MADI-Interface and RockWorks 1.6 to the American market. The RockNet MADI interface RN.334.MD provides both electrical and optical MADI inputs and outputs. The interface is designed to allow a connection to any digital mixing console, recording system, and audio routing environment. The module supports both 56- and 64-channel MADI formats. Riedel also presented the next version of the RockNet control and configuration software, RockWork 1.6. RockWorks 1.6 provides the integration for the RockNet MADI module as well as for the RockNet MediorNet card that integrates RockNet into Riedel’s fiber-based solution for distribution and routing of HD video, audio, intercom, and data signals.

Epson BrightLink 450Wi Projector

Epson’s BrightLink 450Wi is a short-throw interactive projector that is intended to turn a classroom surface into an interactive learning environment. The Bright- Link 450Wi gives educators a way to integrate interactive capabilities without having to purchase and install dedicated interactive whiteboards. It is designed to project onto any existing whiteboard, wall or other smooth, hard surface delivering classroom flexibility.

MXL Mic Mate

MXL Microphones’ Mic Mate USB mini mixer kit is a portable solution for recording, monitoring, and mixing directly to a laptop or desktop computer. In addition to recording vocals and instruments, the kit is aimed at group rehearsals, video voiceovers, podcasting, and group interviews. Compatible with some recording software, the palm-sized USB-powered mixer allows up to four dynamic microphones to be recorded directly into a desktop or laptop computer. Features include four low-noise balanced dynamic mic preamps with independent gain controls, a four-segment LED level meter, as well as a headphone output.

Audio-Technica 4000/5000 Series

Audio-Technica is updating its Artist Elite 4000 Series and 5000 Series true diversity UHF wireless systems. To reflect the enhancements, the letter “a” will be added to the end of all 4000 and 5000 Series system model numbers. Product updates include a new backlit LCD on transmitters and locking battery door on UniPak body-pack transmitters; two-color power/mute LED to indicate on/mute status; new 25 kHz spacing, providing up to 996 selectable frequencies; and a new v3.0 of the AEW control interface software, which now works with many popular operating systems. A newly announced five-year warranty is also included.