High Tech with Tunes

High Tech with Tunes

CLIENT: Donor Alliance, Denver, CO

INTEGRATOR: King Systems, LLC, Denver, CO, kingsystemsllc.com

KEY CREW: Kim Kroeger, Office Manager, Donor Alliance; David King, Engineer, King Systems; Adam Zatorski, Project Manager, King Systems; Josh Gillespie, Lead Installer, King Systems; Tim Rice, Programmer, King Systems

CHALLENGE: Donor Alliance of Colorado makes sure that the greatest possible good comes from each organ donation made, not only from life-saving transplants of organs, but also sight-saving retina transplants, skin grafts for burn victims, even bone used in back surgery and dental implants.

For its new electronic systems, the Donor Alliance needed access control to admit visitors safely at any hour; music to soothe surgeon stress while they work; and a modern conference and education facility.

SOLUTION: King Systems installed a Crestron DigitalMedia infrastructure that is controlled by Crestron touchscreens as well as an Apple iPad equipped with the Crestron Mobile Pro app. The solution was applied to two conference rooms (combinable) with seating for more than 100 (100) people, three operating suites, and a donor care unit


Control Systems – Board Room:

• Crestron AV2 Control System Processor

• Crestron C2N-SPWS300 300-Watt Power Supply

• Crestron CAGE2 Expansion Card Frame

• Crestron C2COM-3 3 Port RS232 Expansion Card

• Crestron C2ENET-1 Single Port Ethernet Port

• Crestron TPS-6L Wall-Mount Touch Panel [2]

Control Systems — Organ Recovery Room:

• CyberTouch AV E0780S Wall-Mounted Black MEDICAL GRADE Panel

• Crestron TPS-GA-TPI Touch Panel Processor

Audio System — Organ Recovery Room:

• SoundTube Speakers CM690i-WH-HSPL Professional, commercial-rated ceiling speaker [2]

• SoundTube Speakers CM1001d-T-W White, In-Ceiling 10-inch Subwoofer

• Shure MX395 Fixed Ceiling Microphone for Intercom

• Crestron iDock iPod docking station

Projectors — Board Room:

• Christie Digital LWU-505 5500-Lumen LCD Projector [3]

• NEC M260W 3000-Lumen Table Top Projector

• Peerless Mount Kit CMJ500 Adjustable ceiling adapter plate/mount [3]

• Peerless Adapter PRG-UNV Adapter Plate for the Projector [3]

• Draper LVC-III Relay Control for the Motorized Screen [4]

• Draper AccessV 16:10 94-inch Widescreen Projection Screen [3]

• Draper AccessV 84-inch AV Format Projection Screen

Video Distribution:

• Biamp Audio AudiaFLEX CM Processor [2]

• Biamp Audio IP-2 2-Channel Input Card [6]

• Biamp Audio AEC-2HD Acoustic Echo Cancellation Microphone Cards [7]

• Biamp Audio OP-2e Output Card [4]

• Biamp Audio TI-2 Analog telephone interface card [2]

• Crestron DM-MD8x8 8x8 DigitalMedia Switcher

INSTALLATION NOTES: So that trainees could observe procedures comfortably and without interfering with the work, King Systems designed a closed circuit video system for one of the center’s operating rooms, with video and audio routed to the new conference room. Engineer David King included a camera and ceiling microphone in the OR, with signals routed from a DigitalMedia 8x8 switcher. An HD digital video recorder allows staff to record procedures to a hard drive, then burn a DVD for future training sessions.

The conference room, which can seat up to 100 people, includes three 5500-lumen projectors for use when the room is combined and two additional motorized screens, used with portable projectors, available when it is divided.

EQUIPMENT NOTES: According to King Systems’ Adam Zatorski: “Several programming aspects make the user experience in the combined/divisible space unique. The room divider has a door contact mounted to it that tells the Crestron brain whether the room is combined or divided. If the room is divided, the user interfaces are different for each room. Once the room is combined, the panels begin to ‘track’ each other and become identical in form and function, giving the user complete control from any unit. This allows an event coordinator to remotely manage one of the wall panels and still give the presenter an iPad to change sources and adjust volume/lighting during their speech.“The touch panels deployed throughout the remainder of the facility in the ORs and the DCU take on the exact look and feel of the conference center but are more appropriate for the room application. For instance, in the DCU we used a TPMC-4SM because of its perfect size and form factor for a user at a desk. The panel is always within arm’s length and can be accessed quickly to adjust any necessary room settings.“The ORs have been specially tied into a Biamp Audia system used for teleconferencing. The Crestron system is constantly polling the Biamp, and when the doorbell rings, all OR panels pop up a page that displays the door camera for the appropriate entry. Once a room answers the page, they can communicate with the door station via a hands-free Shure omni-directional in-ceiling microphone. The communication is not heard in any of the other rooms and the popup goes away in the rooms that did not answer the page. They also have full control and can view all of the metadata for the in-room iPod dock. This allows any user to bring in their personal phone or iPod and fully immerse the room in sound. All of the doctors I’ve talked to say this is the best part of the system.”

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