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  • Rick Chace Theatre Upgrades Completed
  • Burbank, CA (October 1, 2008)--Chace Audio has completed major aesthetic and technical improvements at its Rick Chace Theatre, where titles such as Lawrence of ArabiaThe Sound of MusicGone With the Wind have been remixed for DVD release and theatrical re-release.
  • Named for company founder and audio pioneer Rick Chace, the 850-sq.-ft. theatre opened in 1997 and has since garnered a reputation for the authenticity and fidelity of its restoration mixes. The centerpiece is a fully automated 80-input Harrison Series 12 console.
  • Designed for posting mid-size features and creating theatrical print masters for new and restored films, the stage includes a 10 ft. x 18 ft. screen, as well as a range of outboard gear, including Lexicon 480L reverbs, SPL Vitalyzers, Dolby Cat 43s, Urei 1178s, Allison filters and more. A newly upgraded Pro Tools|HD3 Accel system featuring 96 outputs compliments the Harrison console to deliver a total of over 150 channels. Video playback is completely integrated with Pro Tools and is capable of playing back all resolutions of high-quality SD and HD video files.
  • Aesthetic renovations include a new acoustic-tiled ceiling, attractive wall fabric, and new flooring. Two levels of client seating have been installed behind the mixing station; a spacious 14-ft. desk spans the first level. The Producers' Room, which offers a quiet space for clients and guests to meet and converse during sessions, has also been remodeled.
  • The new renovations further complement substantial refinements and upgrades to three of Chace Audio's near-field mix studios, which include living-room style seating, new floors, aesthetic lighting, and new HD plasma displays and video projection. The near-field rooms offer mix capabilities up to 7.1 channels.
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  • Caption: The Rich Chace Theatre.