Christ Community Church Expands Aviom System with A360 Personal Mixers -

Christ Community Church Expands Aviom System with A360 Personal Mixers

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Christ Community Church was first introduced to Aviom’s personal mixers in 2008 and has just recently added some of Aviom’s A360 Personal Mixers to their existing system.

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According to Matthew Schroeder, Christ Community Church’s director of communication, “In 2008 we made the switch to Aviom personal mixers, and we haven’t looked back since.”

In addition to giving the musicians the freedom to create their own mixes, the Aviom personal mixing system gives the worship leader the flexibility to use a click track when needed and helps control the stage volume in the church’s unique sanctuary.

Schroeder describes Christ Community as a “portable church within a facility.” Due to many mid-week events in the space that they use as a sanctuary, the equipment used on Sunday mornings is packed away each week and brought back the next. “By removing the need to haul heavy monitor wedges and simplifying our monitor cable spaghetti to single Ethernet cables, our Aviom personal mixers save space and time for our crew,” said Schroeder.

The church’s director of worship, Stephen Wilburn, adds, “The Aviom units have saved us a ton of time in rehearsals and now everyone can hear what they need. Using the personal mixers has also allowed us to incorporate click tracks, backing tracks, and loops in a way we never could with stage monitors. These have made our team tighter musically and have expanded our repertoire to include more complex and interesting pieces.”

The church uses an Allen & Heath iLive with an M-MMO-A Multi Out Expansion Card that sends Aviom’s A-Net® signal directly from the console to an Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor for distribution of audio and power to their personal mixers. Recently the church added an AN-16/i v.2 Input Module to their system. Adding this unit allows them to send an additional 16 channels for a total of 32 channels to the four A360 Personal Mixers they have added to their system. The A-16II Personal Mixers that are still in use receive 16 channels from the MMO card.

The church’s drummer is one of the musicians who has switched to an A360 Personal Mixer. “Our drummer now benefits from a customized mix tailored to his needs, with discrete control over each of his drum microphones; at the same time, this freed up multiple channels for the rest of the band who now only need a single channel for the drum mix,” explained Schroeder.

The church also values the new features the A360 Personal Mixer offers. Wilburn said, “Being able to add reverb and EQ settings to each channel makes a huge difference in the quality of the sound we get.” Schroeder agrees, “The reverb, ambient mic, stereo spreading ability, and A/B leveling features of the A360s are icing on the cake.”


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