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Guiding Light

Guiding Light

Shayna Bramley Consolidates Her Comprehensive Knowledge For Lighting Education At Crestron


NAME: Shayna Bramley
TITLE: National Lighting Education Manager
COMPANY: Crestron Electronics
ACCREDITED: Bramley has numerous certifications: Professional engineer, IESNA lighting certified designer, LEED-AP, certified building commissioning professional, and certified energy manager. She is also a member of IESNA, USGBC, and AEE.

SCN: What is your position, and what does it entail?
Shayna Bramley:
I am the national lighting education manager for Crestron Electronics. I am responsible for the training at our world headquarters in Rockleigh, NJ, as well as the courses that are held at our regional offices throughout the U.S. I develop tailored training courses for both lighting control specifiers and for our rep agencies. We are also expanding our AIA continuing education courses to include many new lighting control topics such as facility energy management solutions.

SCN: How has your background prepared you for your new role?
I have an extremely diverse background within the lighting industry. I am a proud graduate of Penn State’s Architectural Engineering Masters program, and I also have a MBA from the University of Florida. I worked as an electrical engineer throughout college and immediately after I graduated. I became a MEP project manager and headed a lighting design department at a large MEP firm for several years. I also worked as a lighting sales rep for six years, owned a small lighting design firm for six years, and worked on several LEED projects. I have taught lighting professionally now for over two years on more than 20 different lighting and energy related topics.

I have worn many hats, and as a result I have an understanding of what it takes for each of these people to succeed. My goal is to consolidate this knowledge and tailor each educational presentation to make sure that the person who takes the time to attend one of Crestron’s sessions walks away knowing exactly what they need to do in order to design the best lighting control system for their client.

SCN: What are your short- and longterm goals?
My short-term goal is to help Crestron grow its lighting control systems side of the business. Crestron has been designing lighting controls for over 25 years and has an amazing product line that can now compete in every market segment of the lighting control industry. Our new RoomView technology is coming out for facility energy management, which is beyond anything I have ever seen before.

Long-term, I would like to see Crestron be the leader in the integrated building technology market and be able to teach these important concepts to the industry as a whole. IBT (integrating lighting control systems with AV, BMS, security, shades, real-time metering, etc.) will be the game-changer in the way buildings are designed and operated.

SCN: What is the greatest challenge that you face?
Finding ROI for controls that people can believe. What is the actual annual energy savings from installing an occupancy sensor, or a relay, or daylight harvesting? Our new Room- View software is easy to use and has the ability to document real ROI for various control systems and has the potential to literally change the construction industry. It simplifies the entire measurement and verification process that is required by LEED and IPMVP. We will be able to provide owners actual documentation on their entire energy system (lighting, HVAC, photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc.) showing them the energy they are saving with real-time data, charts, and spreadsheets.

SCN: In what direction are lighting solutions heading?
The enforcement of the energy codes throughout the world as well as LEED has really pushed lighting controls into the forefront of a specifier’s mind. However, we are realizing that lighting controls are an important part of a much larger solution, which is complete integrated building technology. Buildings can no longer have separate lighting control, AV, security, and BMS systems operating independently. All of these systems must work together seamlessly in order to truly create a maximized energy efficient solution.

SCN: Are there any new initiatives we are likely to see from Crestron in the near future?
It’s interesting to see where we go from here. Right now we have a product base that can do anything and everything. But, with over 350 engineers on staff, there is a lot in the works.

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