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NewTek Connect Pro Tool Bridges IP and SDI Workflows

NewTek Connect Pro Tool Bridges IP and SDI Workflows

The What:NewTek recently launched NewTek Connect Pro, a multi-purpose software tool designed to connect IP video formats of new and existing video production hardware and software to work together. NewTek Connect Pro provides a simple bridge for producers and facilities transitioning to IP-based video production workflows. Bringing together IP video standards including NDI and support for streaming IP formats found in professional cameras, users can take advantage of an end-to-end IP live production workflow. Combining these IP video sources with SDI capture cards, customers can also expand production capabilities as needs develop and grow. With forthcoming support of ASPEN and SMPTE 2022, users can build production workflows with confidence regardless of format.

The What Else: NewTek Connect Pro enables a host computer to be a multi-channel video converter for stored media playback, local webcams, or video signals from compatible sources. NewTek Connect Pro also includes NDI Connect Webserver. This additional application distributes video sources to the web browser of any suitable device on the network. Remote viewers can each select up to 16 different video sources, displaying them in a web browser in a variety of convenient layouts.

“IP-based workflows promise to connect all devices together on a single IP fabric to allow the best technologies to be used together. Competing standards, different devices, and different formats potentially make fulfilling the promise of IP interoperability very difficult,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “NewTek Connect Pro solves the problem of IP interoperability by being the glue that ties devices together and allows people to work with the best tools for a particular situation. It also provides a bridge from tools that they have today to the IP technologies of tomorrow.”

The Bottom Line: Once installed, NewTek Connect Pro provides any production workflow up to 4 video sources as inputs or outputs. Access the I/O of any cameras, decks, and devices connected via compatible capture cards, serve up stored media files for live playback, or increase camera count with local webcams. Tally and AutoPlay functions are also supported via NDI.

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