Av Integration Distributor Guide 2009

Av Integration Distributor Guide 2009


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Distributors Link AV Contractors To New Products, Competitive Pricing, New Territories, And Vertical Market Opportunities

Technology is a moving target. It’s only natural that the profession that adds value to technology—like the professional AV integration industry—is also continually evolving. Whether your company was just established or you’ve opened your tenth satellite office, consumer confidence and the lending climate add further guesswork to the business equation.

One way to stabilize margins despite economic volatility or the product trend du jour is to partner with a premium AV distributor. Inventory, business consultation, and product training are standard features of a value-added distributor, and these wholesale suppliers help cover the map for nationwide coverage while connecting integrators to new business. Not only can distributors act as your fully stocked warehouse, many representatives advise as consultants on a range of projects and products. From control systems, flat panel displays, and IP-enabled systems, to the smallest accessories like mounts and enclosures, distributors like Almo Professional A/V, AVAD, BAI Distributors, Capitol Sales, IAVI, Stampede, Starin, SYNNEX Corporation, TMP Pro Distribution, TXL Distribution, and Visual Solutions Distributing serve the specific needs of the AV systems professional.

Field Experience
Time is money, especially in the professional AV business. Service calls and onsite upgrades are mixed blessings; they are invoice potential as well as time traps. It seems that calculating labor costs is more of an art than a science.

With a national infrastructure of wholesale AV suppliers, you can be anywhere and still get your product to market.

While all of this is par for the course, every hour and every invoice matters, especially in challenging economic times. Will-call pickups and same day shipping are beneficial for any product need, from display mounting accessories to video walls for digital signage.

One tip: link up with a distributor that understands your specific needs and can best guide you to the program or product that best suits your projects. Many distributors and representatives were integrators first, and know first hand the challenges of installing AV in gyms, restaurants, schools, and hospitality venues. Starin, for example, is a company that knows what matters most to systems professionals, because that’s who they are. Bill Mullins, CTS-D, is Starin’s VP of distributing and knows that there is no one-size-fits-all policy in the industry. Different customers have different needs. The key is building long-lasting relationships.

Explore the value-added relationship of distribution for professionals working in corporate, education, digital signage, home entertainment, government, military, and worship markets.

Contact the distributor of your choice to learn more about their financing or ordering specifics. Audio design support specialist TMP (The Music People) Pro Distribution is in the unique position of offering contractor/dealer direct pricing without minimum requirements, opening orders, or commitments. TXL Distributing customers can choose from more than 50,000 SKUs, also with no minimum order required.

Additionally, some distributors will help customers get back on their feet or keep capital in their showroom by offering financing or payment options through personal accounts, C.O.D., or credit cards. Visual Solutions Distributing, Inc. (VSDI) also offers extended warranty plans for that extra peace of mind, said Tony Wiggins, CEO of VSDI. Pre- and post-sale support is key to the VSDI model.

Changing the Game
Distributors that have become popular serving the residential AV channel have begun to see the potential of supporting the commercial contractor. AVAD is one of these companies. With 26 locations throughout the U.S., two Canadian branches, training opportunities, and an extensive line card, AVAD is ready to leverage its resources for enterprise and commercial clients, said Wally Whinna, EVP of sales and marketing, AVAD.

“AVAD has always been committed to focusing on the unique needs of the audio, video, automation, and security installation professional, which is why we take a comprehensive approach that goes beyond distribution,” Whinna explained.

Another company new to the market is Almo Professional A/V. It is a value-added distributor with a veteran sales team, reseller education programs in collaboration with InfoComm, 12 distribution centers across the U.S., and product lines for the pro AV channel. Almo promises the “full distribution experience on a local and personal level.”

Starin connects dealers to new business through its Reseller Portal System. Ready for business every hour of the day, the company’s website provides instant access to product guides, spec sheets, pricing, promos, warranty Info, sales tools, FAQs, news, shows, website links, and more. Starin says this type of support comes in handy when you need to make that proposal or submittal, even at midnight. There are also new on-demand learning management tools for training, application assistance, implementation support, and certification.

Connectivity and Convergence
In a glum market, Capitol Sales looks to new technology to stimulate business and open new sales opportunities that clients can connect with. No New Wires is a great example of this initiative, presenting “cost-effective and new-age solutions,” said Capitol Sales’ Jeff Kussard. “New technology innovations like No New Wires uses existing infrastructure for retrofit possibilities.” This, according to Kussard, translates into solid business opportunities in a downturn economy.

Kussard also believes that distributors can help you capture new business and increase your profit margin with innovations in digital signage. IP-enabled control is another growing trend. “Digital signage, white boards...these systems are popping up everywhere, in the primary markets and secondary, tertiary markets.” To meet this demand, Capitol Sales began offering Carousel digital signage by Tightrope Media Systems. The company believes that Carousel is well suited for hospitality, retail, and other channels that do not require more than three channels.

Digital signage is also big news for SYNNEX, and an example of a specialty program within the corporation. The SYNNEX Digital Signage team provides custom solutions, pre- and post-sales technical support, training, and educational information. They even offer an interactive web portal with case studies. This is multi-vendor program designed to find the best solution for the application, rather than pushing one specific product.

The Links of the Business Chain
Let’s face it, there are numerous distributors to choose from. As a distributor it is the company’s role to be a business partner, which means more than just financing. It also means helping to create advertising plans, handling service issues, and having good terms and freight programs. When you put in an order, how many distributors will ship it the same day? Also, how many distributors will allow contractors to buy multiple brands in one shipment?

BAI offers its dealers most products at factory direct pricing. In some cases, they will sell below factory pricing for the most popular SKUs. BAI has warehouses in Florida and stocks the top products from most of manufacturer partners.

BAI’s staff are more like family, according to James Ritchhart, BAI’s general manager, and “available to answer any technical questions and help with bid proposals.”

IAVI also takes the personal approach. Their collection of specialists aren’t just industry veterans, they are a multi-lingual team ready to support customer needs. Everyone agrees, it’s crucial in today’s environment that a distributor backs the independent integrator and lets them take advantage of their collective assets and buying power. When competing for government bids, a new sports venue, or the rights to an up-and-coming hotel chain, AV contractors need all the support they can get.

Valuable Resources
Product training is another key benefit of the distribution model, and expos and events such as those held annually by trade associations and many distributors allow dealers to demo new technologies and meet the engineers driving product development. Most distribution facilities incorporate classrooms on-site for hands-on testing, so dealers can learn everything from troubleshooting to upgrading.

Almo Professional A/V partners with trade associations such as InfoComm to offer certified courses, and they’ve also joined Almo Corporation’s Consumer Electronics and Appliances Expo 2009 in St. Louis, MO, September 14-15. At this Expo, Almo will host one-on-one time with reps from major manufacturing companies and the ability to earn InfoComm CTS Renewal Unit credits.

Stampede also knows the value of support and training in order to grow business, especially on new products or products in high demand. There’s another reason distributors stay connected to new product developments. New technology can equal new sales opportunities, therefore dealers must stay dialed into the Next Big Thing. Stampede annually produces the Big Book of AV, a 520-page catalog and companion website (www.BigBookofAV.com) that keeps contractors connected with products as they roll out. The Big Book of AV includes sales info, installation tips, and specs on more than 5,000 SKUs. Margot Douaihy is a contributing editor of Residential Systems magazine and a regular SCN contributor.


The Full Distribution Experience On a Personal Level

The newest distributor on the scene, Almo Professional A/V, is a value-added distributor that specializes in serving professional audio/visual integrators, resellers, and consultants. With a highly-skilled sales team, reseller education programs with InfoComm, 12 distribution centers across the U.S., and product lines specifically for the Pro A/V channel, partners can expect the full distribution experience on a local and personal level.

Sam Taylor, Executive Vice President and COO, Almo Professional A/V

True A/V Professionals: While Almo Professional A/V officially formed in June 2009, the sales and marketing team is made up of industry veterans that bring deep experience to the business. The entire Almo Professional A/V sales team is Infocomm-trained and the vast majority is CTS-certified so they have the qualifications needed to help integrators and resellers make the sale and support the installation. The Almo Professional A/V sales team is also the first in the industry to have every sales representative complete the DSCE (Digital Signage Certified Expert) program.

Top Brand Name Products: Almo Professional A/V distributes all the leading displays and peripherals, with new vendor partners and products being added to the line card on a daily basis. From flat panel monitors and televisions to projectors and mounting solutions, Almo Professional A/V offers an enormous inventory of the industry’s leading brand names. And with distribution centers across the U.S., most products are guaranteed to arrive within one to two days.

Professional Markets Covered: Whether it’s navigating the political waters of the government or staging a nationwide digital signage roll-out, Almo Professional A/V has the expertise, products and logistics to help integrators and resellers be successful. Markets served include bar and restaurant, corporate, digital signage, education, government, healthcare, home theater, hospitality, house of worship, and rental and staging.

Almo Professional A/V will offer training at Almo Corporation’s Consumer Electronics and Appliances Expo 2009 in St. Louis in September.

Endless Learning Opportunities: At Almo Professional A/V, partner education is a top priority. The company teams with trade associations such as InfoComm to offer certified courses that enable integrators and resellers to stay ahead. At the same time, the division works with manufacturing partners to bring live and online product training opportunities directly to channel partners. In fact, Almo Professional A/V has joined Almo Corporation’s Consumer Electronics and Appliances Expo 2009 by adding a dedicated hall for professional A/V products and training. The event, which is taking place in St. Louis, MO, September 14-15, will feature the opportunity for one-onone time with representatives from major manufacturing companies and the ability to earn InfoComm CTS Renewal Unit (RU) credits.

The Corporate Advantage: Almo Professional A/V is a division of Almo Corporation, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since the company formed in 1946, Almo Corporation has grown to become the largest distributor of consumer electronics and appliances in the United States. Almo Professional A/V partners are able to offer their customers more by accessing products from Almo’s other divisions, including consumer electronics, major appliances, wire and cable, specialty appliances and marine equipment. To learn more about Almo Corporation, go to www.almo.com.


We Live This Stuff

With 26 locations throughout the United States, two Canadian branches, in-depth training opportunities, unique dealer programs and the industry’s most respected roster of brands, AVAD is the only supplier truly focused on the needs of the custom installer. As the company slogan “We Live This Stuff” implies, AVAD’s experienced and trained staff is dedicated to providing installers moremore selection, more technologies, more whole-house solutions and more key industry relationships-things installers need to grow their business.

Each of AVAD’s 26 US and two Canadian branches includes showrooms and high-end experience centers where installers can experience first-hand the latest technologies.

Since 1998, AVAD’s powerful combination of experts and ideas has made it the perfect link between dealers and the most trusted brands in wide array of product categories, including pro AV, distributed audio/video, lighting controls, HVAC, central vacuum, home theater and home automation, and more. Among the many brands carried by AVAD include, Bogen, Crown International, Denon Professional, JBL Pro, Speco Technologies, Chief, Draper, Gefen, JVC Pro, Key Digital, Lutron, Middle Atlantic, Netstreams, Omnimount, Panasonic Pro, Panasonic Phones, Peerless, Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI), Samsung, Sirius, Sivoia, and more.

With showrooms at all 26 US and two Canadian branches, AVAD offers professional installers high-end experience centers where they can experience first-hand the latest technologies from these manufactures and present product demonstrations for their clients.

Committed to providing dealers scalable, easier-to-install systems with high levels of functionality, through its “AVAD Integration Partners Program” vendors improve interoperability among its roster of home technology manufacturers. AVAD’s Integration Partner program creates simplified installation solutions by having each manufacturer’s respective engineering department work together to provide a robust feature set with seamless interoperability making them more reliable and repeatable.

Through AVAD University’s continuing education programs, manufacturers are made directly available to dealers through product training seminars hosted on-site at AVAD locations, as well as webinars, teleseminars, and CEDIA certifications.

AVAD’s warehouses stock trusted industry brands in wide array of product categories..

AVAD’s Vend-O-Palooza is another example of its dedication to helping a customerbase of over 10,000 certified dealers. Held at local AVAD branches, Vend-O-Palooza helps connect area dealers with leading manufacturers in an interactive forum. Vend-O-Palooza offers attendees an opportunity to meet directly with manufacturers, demo new products and purchase products at special pricing.

Since launching in 2007, Gear Head magazine, AVAD’s award-winning custom publication, has provided dealers with the latest in technology trends, sales tips, new areas of profitability, customer service and new system design and installation ideas.

With these initiatives in motion and new ones always on the horizon, AVAD is focused on leading home technology providers to unsurpassed success and innovation. With one call, AVAD does it all.


The One-Call Solution

BAI Distributors has been serving the contracting industry since 1987. Sound contractors and integrators have always faced a challenge when it comes to equipment procurement for their projects. Numerous orders have to be placed, expedited, tracked and stocked before any project can start. Naturally, there are always one or two items that can prevent the job from beginning or concluding, often delaying payment for completion of the job. BAI Distributors was created to ease the burden of equipment procurement by providing a one-call solution.

Starting with seven lines in 1987, BAI now stocks and distributes for over 100 direct manufacturers and has access to over 800 additional manufacturers through a cooperative buying program.

Dedicated to the AV Professional
BAI is unique in the distribution industry. Selling only to qualified dealers, contractors, integrators, and re-sellers, you don’t have to worry about crossover selling to your church, school, or end-user customer.

Buying Power
BAI also offers most products at factory direct pricing and in some cases sell below factory pricing for the most popular SKU’s.

BAI stocks and distributes for over 100 direct manufacturers and has access to over 800 additional manufacturers through a cooperative buying program..

BAI has large stocking warehouses in Florida and stocks the Top SKU’s from their manufacturer partners. BAI guarantees same day shipping for all in-stock orders placed before 4:00 PM.

It is the company’s focus to sell products in pro, commercial and residential sound, CCTV, and audio/visual, but they will be happy to price any equipment relative to the industry. BAI’s knowledgeable sales staff is available to answer any technical questions and help with bid proposals. They also offer basic design assistance.

Personal Service
BAI Distributors is committed to providing excellent and friendly customer service. The average BAI employee has been with the company for 13 years, so you can be assured of having a one-on-one dedicated customer service experience.


An Industry Partner

Curt Hayes, President and CFO, Capitol Sales

The proliferation of new technologies and products being introduced to commercial installation professionals has never been greater. Fortunately, Capitol Sales, a highly successful distributor and, more important, industry partner, is helping established contractors to increase their edge by offering an incomparable range of products and technologies representing the best of the best, with a commitment to customer support that is the envy of the industry.

Throughout its history, Capitol Sales has not only provided the best in currently available technologies, but it has continually worked with both its vendors and customers to ensure the product mix stays current and leading edge. Capitol’s long list of Pro AV suppliers includes the most in-demand brands in the space, and the company is signing new vendor partners all the time.

For example, Capitol recently began offering Carousel digital signage by Tightrope Media Systems. Carousel, the “intelligent” digital signage system designed with simplicity, security and reliability in mind, is a proven winner in hospitality, retail, and other channels. The accolades for Carousel are well deserved, as are the profits it generates.

Capitol’s technical and sales design team is prepared to help commercial A/V pros learn and incorporate important new technologies into any number of projects where these products and the right technical know-how can make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

The Capitol Sales distribution center stocking more than 115 brands

Capitol’s focus on customer support is renowned for the way the company takes the term “partner” to heart. No matter how the commercial installation evolves over the short term, Capitol will always help guide its partners through challenging waters with the products, education, and customer service that have helped make it a true industry leader.


The Preferred Premier Wholesale AV Supplier

Strategic Partnerships: Since 1997, IAVI has been serving an increasing number of professional AV manufacturers who seek effective and efficient new channels to distribute their products. Throughout the years, IAVI has formed lasting strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers and value added projector and plasma resellers across the world. IAVI is proud to distribute the widest range of ultra portable to high performance projectors and flat panel displays from the industry’s leading professional brands. IAVI’s most significant brands include Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Barco, Sony, LG, and many more.

An Impressive and Extensive Inventory: IAVI simplifies the customer buying experience by supplying every product needed to complete any project from the simplest to most complex application. The company provides the accessories required to ensure optimal performance and increase product reliability. IAVI’s complete line of lenses, screens, mounts, cables, and replacement lamps for all brands and models make IAVI the one stop shop for all of your Pro AV needs.

IAVI is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

IAVI boasts a reputation as a number one source for projector replacement lamps. With an inventory of over 750 replacement lamp models, priced to fit your budget, IAVI is the preferred choice among dealers, resellers, and installers. By providing the best pricing and broadest range of products, the IAVI team makes sure customers compete strongly in today’s marketplace.

Unparalleled Customer Service: For over 10 years, IAVI has assisted professional AV dealers and system integrators by providing quality service, popular brands, and competitive pricing, all supported by unparalleled customer service. IAVI is made up of a knowledgeable, multi-lingual team of highly trained specialists committed to a positive experience. IAVI’s partnership with leading manufacturers provides access to the latest market information regarding technology advantages, product development and availability, as well as privilege to competitive pricing.

IAVI takes a consultative approach to every inquiry and have the knowledge and products you need to maximize your sales and profit on every transaction. Devoted team members work closely with every customer to make certain the proper products and accessories are chosen and you have all the information necessary to be successful. IAVI’s reputation is dependent upon the commitment to provide unparalleled service by offering specialized solutions to each customer’s unique request.

Solutions Specialists: With headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, IAVI employs a devoted team of Display Technology Specialists focused on the AV marketplace. To discover what solutions IAVI can offer you and to find out how they can help build your business, contact IAVI toll free at 888.999.6564 or sales@iavi.com. The IAVI team is available Monday through Friday, 8am-6:30pm EST.


Adding Value, Generating Demand

Nobody dies wishing they spent more time in the office or on the job site. The Starin team knows that and they are busy every day working to make your job easier so you can effectively get through your day.

Since 1988, Starin has grown from a base in the Chicago area to a nationwide footprint. At InfoComm 2009, the company demonstrated top products from their best brands..

How do they do that? One major way is people. The Starin team is ready to help. According to Bill Mullin CTS-D, VP Distributing, “Many of us have worked for manufacturers, dealers and A/V integrators. Like you, we’ve been up against project deadlines.

We know what it’s like to just want the confidence your components will arrive on time for the install date... that it’s all going to work together just as you were instructed and someone will be available to assure implementation goes smoothly.” Through the Starin staff and valuable associated rep firm alliances, they are determined to make a difference and earn your business.

Starin has the best select brands and they know managed distribution. “We don’t choose 20 lines of a product type and say “pick one and by the way these are on special today,’” Mullin said. The company believes consistency and reliability are the hallmarks of repeatable success in systems. So with lines that have given Starin a significant role in the commercial contractor’s go-to-market, they are immersed in training and best practices. Manufacturers like Starin because, with contractor partners, they add-value and generate demand.

Their on-line resources get compliments from the busiest integrators. The Reseller Portal System is ready for business 24/7. Select from the line listing on our home page at www.Starin.biz. Once you have logged on, you’ll have access to sections for product guides, spec sheets, pricing, promos, warranty Info, sales tools, FAQs, news, shows, website links and more.... all organized in a uniform way to commonly navigate no matter which brand you’re in. When you need to make that proposal or submittal in the wee hours, Starin is still at work. There is a new on-demand learning management site for training, application assistance, implementation support and certification.

Mullin added: “Why would you want to fuel the same organization that sells to your customers? At Starin we have never and will never sell to an end-user. It is against our charter. You should recognize these outfits, though some try to obscure it. Connect the dots. We’re on your side. We hope that matters to you. We are not your competition. We’re your partner.”


Delivering Customized, Fully Integrated Solutions, Services, and Support

TJ Trojan, Senior Vice President, Product Management, SYNNEX.

SYNNEX is a Fortune 500 company offering a comprehensive range of industry-leading IT and AV products and business services to certified resellers and integrators. They’ve built a solid reputation for delivering customized, fully integrated solutions, services, and support, including distribution, contract assembly, business process outsourcing, and logistics.

Products: SYNNEX is aligned with the industry’s top IT and AV manufacturers — like HP, Intel, Lenovo, Panasonic, APC, Samsung, NEC, LG, Sanyo, Epson, Mitsubishi, InFocus, Gefen, Chief, Peerless — to distribute products to resellers and integrators throughout North America. Product categories include IT systems, peripherals, system components, software, and networking products.

Sales Support: SYNNEX’s sales staff is grouped by product segment, focusing their expertise and experience to manage all lines and provide an engaged sales approach. With eleven nationwide distribution facilities, SYNNEX gets the right products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Services Support: A consultative model streamlines business processes to lower costs and create greater efficiencies. The SYNNEX team provides a menu of professional and marketing services, including: demand generation, education and training, pre-and postsale technical support, end-user enablement, server assessment, design and integration, recycling and trade-in, and IT resource planning. The company also offers creative financial options to secure a reseller’s credit-line and help close deals.

SYNNEX is the only broadline distributor with its own GSA schedules.

Technology Solutions: Synnex’s Technology Solutions Division designs integrated solutions with demonstrated success in new and emerging technology markets, including: digital signage, network security, telephony and unified communications, printer and document management, physical and network security, and AutoID/POS systems.

Vertical Market Programs: SYNNEX sponsors programs, communities, and events that build and grow business in specific vertical markets. For example, our Government, Education, and Healthcare programs help our partners compete in these high-growth markets. Plus, SYNNEX is the only broadline distributor with its own GSA schedules, simplifying the complex government bidding process.

By partnering with SYNNEX and leveraging our complete offerings, you can forge a lasting relationship that drives your business forward.

Digital Signage: SYNNEX’s Digital Signage is one example of a specialty program designed to address a specific market, with custom solutions and support.

Delivering the right message, at the right time, and in the right format is critical for any successful sales and marketing program. In today’s digital world, SYNNEX helps you sort through the confusion and break into this huge, dynamic market.

The SYNNEX Digital Signage team provides training, pre- and post-sales and technical support, market expertise, vertical market solutions, and educational information, including a focused web portal with case studies.


Supporting Every Aspect of the Job

The TMP Pro Distribution team (L-R): John Hennessey, VP of Operations, Eugene “Geno” Mulcahy, Pro Audio Engineer Support Specialist, James Mingo, National Accounts Manager.

TMP Pro Distribution specializes in installed sound and pro audio. Its focus is to provide AV contractors with a level of audio design support beyond what other distributors can provide. TMP Pro brings three decades of experience to every job, ensuring that the audio component of any integration project fulfills the vision of the designer and the needs of the client. TMP Pro adds value at no additional cost, providing design support, logistics management, and customer service not available from manufacturers or other distributors.

Pre-Sale Knowledge: The TMP Pro staff is comprised of audio engineers and system contractors recruited from within the industry. TMP Pro inside sales representatives are audio experts with extensive knowledge of the performance, design, and cost-effectiveness of products from scores of brands, along with a keen understanding of how those components integrate with video, lighting, and intercom installations. Ten dedicated reps are in-house 40 hours a week and are always available. Customers know when they submit a dodge report or request a design quote, TMP reps are there and have the knowhow to tackle systems of any size and get the job done on time.

During the Sale: Part of the TMP Pro advantage is its unmatched logistical support. Not only does TMP provide the personal service of a family-owned business, it offers the pricing, design support, shipping coordination, and management systems of a large corporation. Once the TMP Pro team has designed a system and provided a quote and spec sheet, the components are stacked, bundled, and drop-shipped according to the progress of the build. Working with TMP Pro means that every aspect of the job is sourced from just one point of contact.

Access to nearly 120 brands with one contact.

The TMP Pro Advantage:
■ One Source: Access to nearly 120 brands with one contact, one purchase order
■ Ordering Convenience: Contractor/Dealer direct pricing without minimums, opening orders, or commitments
■ Professional Quotes: Itemized equipment lists, product specifications, and prices to simplify bids
■ Simplified Logistics: Product consolidation, timed drop-shipment to job site, single point of contact
■ Top-Notch Service from Audio Pros: TMP Pro reps carry certifications from BSS, Dolby, Electro-Voice, QSC, Sennheiser, Shure, Yamaha, and more, plus industry-standard software like EASE and SMAART

Post-Sale: TMP Pro is known for seeing projects through. If a problem occurs during install, or if a sudden change needs to be implemented, TMP reps are dedicated to resolving the problem as fast as possible, keeping the project on budget and on-time.


Dedicated to the Pro AV Customer

Jim Troxell, Owner and President, TXL Distribution

For over 60 years Troxell Communications has been serving the Pro AV industry as both a direct education sales organization and a distributor. Because of the divergent needs of the very different customer bases a completely new division has been established to service the independent Pro AV reseller. That division is TXL Distribution.

TXL Distribution exclusively serves the valueadded reseller market with an extensive AV product selection tailored specifically for the Pro AV reseller. Manufacturers download products directly into the TXL database ensuring resale dealers have the most current product selection available, with no minimum order requirement.

TXL’s wide array of AV technology from world-class manufacturers includes:
■ LCD and DLP Projectors
■ Document Cameras
■ LCD and Plasma Displays
■ Screens
■ Mounts
■ Interactive White Boards
■ Audio Solutions
■ Control Systems
■ Furniture and Accessories

TXL Distribution’s portfolio includes leading brands like Hitachi America's ProSeries

TXL’s group of dedicated Distribution Managers have years of experience in guiding their customers through selecting the best technology products and services for their unique AV requirements. They will also assist with pre-sale manufacturer-supplied product training for Pro AV customers upon request.

TXL is supported by the existing Troxell infrastructure which enables TXL to capitalize on the company’s long-standing vendor relationships and formidable buying power. The company’s business model empowers TXL to offer extremely competitive pricing backed by outstanding in-house customer service and administrative support.

In addition to displaying the wide array of AV products currently available through TXL, the company’s web site, txldistribution.com, offers order tracking, purchasing history reports and other helpful, easy-to-use tools to help simplify the account management process.

Visit txldistribution.com today to become a TXL Distribution resale dealer, or call 877.578.7241 to connect with the distribution manager for your area.


Top Quality Brands at Competitive Prices

Founded in 1998, Visual Solutions Distributing Inc. (VSDI) is the premier source for high-end display technology solutions, specialty displays and accessories. In an economy that is overshadowed by depressing news, VSDI remains strong and true to its solid roots in the audio/visual industry

At VSDI you aren’t just purchasing a box to sell to your customer; you’re purchasing a quality piece of electronics backed by a team of technically knowledgeable and experienced professionals. You are able to buy with confidence knowing that your team is supported pre- and post-sale by the VSDI team with over 100 years of combined experience in the A/V industry.

VSDI Believes In Making Your Life Easier and More Profitable
By providing a single point of contact who is knowledgeable about the products and systems we help you solve problems quicker, get questions answered correctly and make sure that your installations move smoothly.

“When you plan your installation, order your product, coordinate shipping and troubleshoot any problems with the same point of contact it makes life easier for everyone and ensures you don’t have to repeat yourself to multiple people in the company,” says Tony Wiggins, CEO of Visual Solutions Distributing, Inc. “Your time is important and we don’t want to waste it.”

Providing coverage in every corner of the nation

With coverage in every corner of the nation, VSDI offers “hands-on” personalized service consultants combined with technical, design and engineering expertise for every part of the sales cycle. Integrators and resellers rely on our team to expand current projects and provide support for even the most complex situations.

VSDI distributes the right mix of top quality brands at competitive prices. These products are used in applications spanning a wide range of market segments including, but not limited to: corporate, education, digital signage, residential home entertainment, government, military and worship. VSDI takes full ownership of its distributed brands to ensure that products are selected properly, installed correctly and run flawlessly for the life of the application. Extended warranty plans are available to add that extra peace of mind and assist in the long-term sale of long-term clients.

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D.

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., is a lecturer at Franklin Pierce University.