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NACE Honored as Top Distributor for Technicolor

NACE Honored as Top Distributor for Technicolor

North American Cable Equipment (NACE) has been recognized by Technicolor as the top distributor of the COM1000 line of products for the period of 2009 through 2014. Additionally, NACE has also been recognized by Technicolor for its outstanding technical support framework and training platform, which allows its' dealer network access to 24/7 live, professional support.

Tony Watters, MCS Senior Sales Executive, at Technicolor presents the award to NACE.

Tony Watters, MCS senior sales executive at Technicolor stated, "NACE has been on the cutting edge of the COM1000 market since day one. The support they give their customer base is unparalleled and truly appreciated. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship as we all move into the new COM2000 market together. NACE is well positioned to continue its dominance in the marketplace with the tools and solutions it has developed since the release of the COM1000."

The awards were presented by Tony Watters, MCS senior sales executive, at Technicolor, the manufacturer of the COM1000 and COM2000 platforms that provide high-definition and standard-definition satellite solutions through the distributor network. Aaron Starr, president and CEO of NACE, expressed his excitement at receiving the award, "To be recognized as the leader in this marketplace is truly an honor. The fact this comes from a venerable organization like Technicolor means that much more".

NACE digital lab manager, Jimmy Martinson, also in attendance added, "We owe our success to the relationship we established with Technicolor since the inception of the COM1000, and the dedication of our team to embrace and understand this platform".

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