Making Sense of 10GB Versus 1GB in AV Over IP

Making Sense of 10GB Versus 1GB in AV Over IP

During the past 24 months, AV over IP has risen from relative obscurity to become the hot topic in the Pro AV world. Advances in compression technologies and network infrastructure capacities have helped drive this development. And we are now beginning to see significant volumes of encoders and decoders being sold into low-latency Pro AV applications; an industry generally considered to be the last hold-out to IP technology.

Anthony Brennan

Whether a product is designed for use on a 1G or 10G network is an important (and contentious) issue within the market. The issue has gained increased relevance in the past 12 months with a clear split in the market between high-efficiency compression 1G solutions, typically based on JPEG2000 or H.264 encryption, and lightly compressed 10G solutions. With 1G network switches already widespread and heavily commoditised, some vendors see the future of the market sitting squarely with 1G AV over IP solutions. Whereas, others remain unconvinced and believe the ubiquity of 10G network infrastructure (and products requiring much higher bandwidths) is just around the corner.

Unsurprisingly, each vendor expresses very different opinions (typically aligned to its product portfolio) regarding the current and future market outlook of the varying success of 1G and 10G products. Some brands are better placed in this debate and offer both solutions – strategising to let the market decide which technology will eventually win out. In reality, there are many considerations that must be taken into account with respect to each solution with applications and use cases often winning the much-discussed debate.

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This column was originally published by FutureSource. Anthony Brennan, research analyst, is a member of the B2B Displays team at Futuresource Consulting. Having worked closely on the Flat Panel Quarterly Tracking Service, Anthony currently focuses on researching and analysing peripheral technologies in the AV industry including the likes of AV over IP and Wireless Presentation Solutions. Anthony’s experience covering a diverse range of segments in the Pro AV market helps keep Futuresource Consulting’s clients up-to-date with important trends and technologies impacting the space. Anthony graduated from the University of Leeds with a First Class Honours degree in Economics and Politics.