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FSR Continues Support of Childhood Education Charity

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FSR took to the classroom for its long-term support of the United Way of Passaic County’s ongoing “Backpacks 4 Kids” school program. Recognized as the largest initiative of its kind in the region, Backpacks 4 Kids helps local students get much-needed supplies for class. Each year, FSR joins other local businesses and the United Way of Passaic County in filling 50 backpacks with classroom essentials, such as notebooks, erasers, pens, pencils, and crayons, along with 50 lunch boxes, in their efforts to help local students prepare for the school year ahead.

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Left to right: Bonnie Macaluso, Leslie Schlesinger, Jan Sandri, Ashley Casale (Not pictured: Joanne Gianduso, who played a tremendous role in coordinating the effort)

Part of a greater United Way initiative and a combined effort between area businesses, the Backpacks 4 Kids mission is to send students back to school in the fall equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

“Having the right supplies for school is an essential part of the learning process and FSR couldn’t be more proud of our long-term commitment to this amazing program from United Way of Passaic County,” said Jan Sandri, FSR’s president. “We’ve already marked a number of milestones in our support of this outstanding initiative, including our 10-year anniversary a few years ago, but in all honesty, the feeling of helping local students prepare for the year ahead never gets old. It’s important for FSR to continue to be an active member of the Passaic County community and our participation in Backpacks 4 Kids is just one example of our commitment to the local community. We intend to continue to support this program for years to come.”

“In order for us to continue our efforts in helping children obtain the proper tools for success, we rely on the generous contributions and commitment of local residents and businesses,” said Yvonne Zuidema, CEO and president of the United Way of Passaic County. “It’s a great feeling to know that each year, we can rely on businesses such as Jan Sandri and the team at FSR for their support of this very important program. All children can thrive if they have the proper tools for learning. The Backpacks 4 Kids initiative is one step in helping ensure that all children can reach their life’s goals.”


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