St. Andrews Lutheran Church Chooses Earthworks Choir Microphones -

St. Andrews Lutheran Church Chooses Earthworks Choir Microphones

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Audio Video Electronics (AVE) has utilized eight Earthworks ChoirMics in the sanctuary of St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi, MN.

"Earthworks is one of our very top choices for choir microphones in many of our church installations," said AVE vice president Kevin Crow. "Earthworks is one of our strong preferences because they fit a really good niche for us."

"Along with the customer, Brad Nelson, front of house engineer for St. Andrews, we chose the Earthworks ChoirMics for the installation because they have a massive choir," Crow explained. "Their sanctuary seats over 1,200 people. Even though their choir may project well into the room, we still like to mic the choir because it really fills the room. We positioned the ChoirMics on the various sections of the choir (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). In this large sanctuary, the ChoirMics are virtually invisible from the congregation. Even when photographed with a telephoto lens the ChoirMics are hard to see."

The Earthworks ChoirMics feed into a Midas Legend mixer through an L-Acoustics KIVA/KILO loudspeaker system. “It's like having all the best ingredients, you only need good music and this church has that for days," Crow enthused.

St. Andrews church also has an Earthworks PianoMic, “and they really love it,” Crow said. "The main reason we prefer the Earthworks microphones is because of their sound quality and gain-before-feedback. The sound quality that we obtain from the Earthworks sound element is just unbelievable.

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The Earthworks ChoirMics feed into a Midas Legend mixer through an L-Acoustics KIVA/KILO loudspeaker system.“There is also a giant organ very close to the ChoirMics, which is the largest organ in the state of Minnesota,” Crow said. “It is a miracle that we can get as much sound from the choir with the organ and mics placed where they are. It is a real testimony to the exceptional quality of the Earthworks microphones.”

Since the completion of the installation, church leaders and members comment on the improvement of the choir sound quality on nearly a weekly basis. “These comments are typically: 'The music sounded good before, but sounds so much better now,'” Crow shared. “The improvement in sound quality is due to the use of quality microphones and a quality sound system working together.”


Earthworks Installation Series Microphones

Earthworks has expanded its Installation Series to include the IM12-W, a 12-inch gooseneck cardioid condenser microphone designed for fixed installations. The Series previously offered a three-inch and six-inch model.

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