Meyer Tailors Acoustics for Logomo Hall

In Turku, Finland, the flexible Logomo Hall assumes whatever size or shape is suited for the event of the evening.

On one night it can provide a compact 1,100-seat space with a nearly square audience area, ideal for a chamber orchestra or jazz ensemble. Within a few hours, it can be transformed into an elongated rectangle accommodating 3,500 for a rock concert. And with the push of a button, its permanently installed Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system optimizes acoustical response for both the current room configuration and the event at hand, whether a concert, conference, play, or opera.

“Constellation’s effect is extremely realistic,” said Janne Auvinen, events and venue director for Logomo. “People don’t actually notice the system because it is just so natural.”

Logomo Hall is the centerpiece of a refurbished industrial complex that was originally built for railway maintenance. Since the hall shares its particular space with a pre-function lobby, the physical versatility is made possible by a massive seating stand that glides back and forth on compressed air cushions. One space shrinks while the other enlarges to form three hall sizes, while the stage also offers three configurations.

The Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform powers the Constellation acoustic system. Ambient acoustical energy is picked up by 76 microphones, and returned to the room as early reflections and late reverberations through 223 discreet, self-powered loudspeakers and 12 compact subwoofers.

Constellation is equipped with presets for nine hall/stage configurations, each with a full array of acoustical environments as defined by reverberation time, early decay time, strength, clarity, and bass ratio (warmth).

“Music critics have given the hall good marks for concerts so far, though I don’t think they realize the whole acoustical environment was created by Constellation,” Auvinen said. “I wish I could switch Constellation off in the middle of a concert to show them what the system is doing.”

The Logomo development team specified Constellation early in the project timeline, with Akukon acoustical consultants of Helsinki designing complementary physical acoustics for the implementation of Constellation. Studiotec Oy of Espoo supplied and installed the hardware components, with facilitation by CEO Peter Stråhlman and onsite project operations management by Uli Jetzinger.

Studiotec also supplied Logomo Hall’s resident sound reinforcement system, which comprises 16 MICA and 12 MINA line array loudspeakers, four JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers and two UPQ-1P loudspeakers, eight 600-HP subwoofers, and six UM-100P and two UM-1P stage monitors. All components can be deployed as needed in multiple flown and ground-stacked configurations to suit the hall configuration and program material, with processing for all requirements stored as presets in the D-Mitri digital audio platform.

“Constellation is a crucial part of our public profile as a diverse arts and entertainment venue,” Auvinen said. “We can stage operas, concerts, theatre, conferences, and even films without having to accept compromises in acoustics. That’s what makes the venue truly different.”

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