Black Box Releases Digital Signage & Video Distribution Guide -

Black Box Releases Digital Signage & Video Distribution Guide

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Black Box has released a new Digital Signage & Video Distribution Design Guide, a 76-page resource to help users plan and provision their end-to-end signage network or a complete video distribution system.

“This guide simplifies the job of having to choose compatible parts for your signage system,” says Brian Kutchma, Black Box VP of Sales & Marketing. “Whether you’re considering digital signage for a small or medium business, or are in the midst of planning a fully integrated signage and video distribution system for corporate, healthcare, or education, this guide simplifies the design and product-selection process.”

The guide covers Black Box’s full range of platforms for digital signage, including:
• iCOMPEL™ SMB, The integrated hardware/software system for easy implementation of professional signage. iCOMPEL gives SMB organizations an affordable way to improve communications and boost sales through dynamic signage. The browser-managed system comes preloaded with layouts and tools for assembling and distributing content to digital signs, and has no ongoing licensing fees.
• iCOMPEL EDS, A platform for controlling signage content at the corporate level. Via a Web connection, administrators can schedule and change presentations for any screen anywhere in the world. iCOMPEL EDS supports ad networks, and because it is provided as a VMware® application, it is ideal for virtualized cloud environments. The only hardware needed is a subscriber unit for each screen.
• iCOMPEL WDS, A new platform for wearable digital signage. Its players feature business card-size screens that show video presentations to attract customer attention and enhance sales interaction in retail, restaurant, and sales event applications. With each 2.4-inch LCD player, users get a magnetic clip and a lanyard for wearing, plus access to a Web portal for assembling custom content presentations. When WDS is used with iCOMPEL EDS, content for players worn by users anywhere can be updated remotely for consistent messaging.
• MediaFlyer™ EXPRESS, A hosted platform for enabling businesses with little technical or creative know-how to quickly set up signage and incorporate social media content. The scalable, hardware/hosted solution includes everything needed to get started except for the display: a player that installs at the screen and a subscription to the MediaFlyer site where content is uploaded and managed.

Black Box will be exhibiting many of these products June 13–15 at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas. To see the digital signage platforms and try out their content management software, visit Booth N1856.

In addition to digital signage platforms and solutions for sharing video presentations wirelessly in meeting rooms, the guide features Black Box’s full suite of AV infrastructure products, including:
• Extenders for distribution of analog VGA and digital HDMI® and DVI video at long distances using CAT5e/CAT6 copper, fiber optic, or coax cables.
• Splitters for outputting VGA and digital HDMI and DVI signals to multiple monitors or displays.
• Switches for routing multimedia signals from single or multiple sources to one or more displays, whether for VGA, DisplayPort®, HDMI, or DVI video.
• Converters and scalers for outputting various video formats for display on different types of displays.

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Black Box has released a new Digital Signage & Video Distribution Design Guide, a 76-page resource to help users plan and provision their end-to-end signage network or a complete video distribution system. To get this complimentary guide, go or visit the on-line catalog now at blackb

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