Corporate AV Develops Staff Training Program

Corporate AV Develops Staff Training Program

In an effort to remain competitive and retain the best employees, Corporate Audio Visual Services (Corporate AV) has developed staff training programs that are designed to enhance the technical and customer relations skills of its employees.

“Small businesses constantly demand more from their staff, but routinely neglect to spend time and money on them,” said Joe Guilderson, president of Corporate AV. “This is shortsighted because in today’s economy, we have to stand out in a crowded field. To remain competitive, the best long-term strategy is to deliver a seamless, professional experience to our customers. This begins with our employees, the most valuable asset of any business.”

Seth Teates, regional sales manager, Analog Way, conducts training with Corporate AV engineers.
To that end, Corporate AV sets aside company time each year to provide an informative, entertaining curriculum designed to enhance the skillsets of its 80-member team of audio, video, and lighting professionals. The goal is to deliver a high level of customer, technical, and creative services.

Guilderson delegates formal mentoring duties to senior staff. Younger techs are rarely taught how to set, strike, and troubleshoot equipment, so the series of basic to advanced level seminars fill in those gaps. In addition, the training program stresses safety and provides a detailed overview of how to deliver audiovisual solutions in a professional, competent manner. Workshops range from technical issues, including mixing techniques, camera setup and advice about the best way to load a truck, to practical leadership and customer service training.

“For us, providing top-tier client services is the ultimate goal and this is a way to ensure that even our least experienced techs bring their ‘A game’ all the time,” Guilderson said. “The key is communication, since our client contacts are usually under a lot of stress before and during large-scale events. By mastering our trade and operating in a reassuring manner, we put our clients and their guests at ease, create a better work environment for our staff and allow everyone to enjoy a positive overall experience that saves time and money.”

To further enhance the skills of their employees, Corporate AV also sponsored a training session led by Seth Teates, regional sales manager at Analog Way, which supplies sophisticated video switching equipment. Corporate AV has seven Analog Way switchers in inventory, including two new Pulse 2 models.

The first audiovisual production company in the New York City region to adopt the Eikos Switcher by Analog Way, Corporate AV cross-trains part-time and full-time engineers to master both audio and video so they are able to offer better client services in the field.

“This cross-training increases our flexibility with schedules and production, and gives all of our team members the expertise to quickly address any technical need the client may have,” Guilderson said. “The excellent support we have received from Seth and Analog Way has helped us to troubleshoot any situation on the fly.

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