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Welcome to The Stimson Report

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Every week we all receive dozens of emails of press releases, manufacturer announcements, and public relations statements. I have often wished that someone would read them for me and let me know if there was anything important going on. If you have had the same wish, then this is one email you need to read. In addition we will occasionally profile some B2B companies targeting the rental & staging segment. There are a number of new wholesale rental companies vying for your business. And we will also let you know about useful products that come from outside our normal market channels. Just this month I discovered a cool $6 device that should help you keep up with wireless remotes. No space this month, but I will tell you more next time. If you want your company or product to be featured in future editions just let me know.

In the meantime, there are some important events on the horizon. The LDI Show will be in Orlando November 12-18. The exhibits are Nov 16-18. I hope to see you there at the InfoComm Rental & Staging Council Reception on Friday at 5:30 pm at the Rosen Center Salon 10. The reception is mostly a networking event, but we will share InfoComm news and help orient some of the LDI attendees who are not members about what InfoComm is all about. Mostly though, we will enjoy free food and drink.

In more LDI news, ESTA has renewed their sponsorship agreement with LDI. ESTA President Bill Groener says LDI is the only North American event specifically dedicated to those segments of the entertainment industry most related to live entertainment. While many folks will acknowledge that InfoComm has made some headway with its PLASA-sponsored Lighting & Staging Pavilion, LDI continues to offer a unique value to companies and individuals in the entertainment sector. This is just one reason why I plan on going to LDI for the foreseeable future.

These big annual shows are very important, but what about regional events? No one can afford to send everyone to InfoComm or LDI and sometimes the timing just doesn't work. Rental & Staging Systems Magazine is coming to the rescue with the Rental & Staging Roadshow. Products, seminars, and networking all for free. Read more about the next Roadshow in this email.

The juxtaposition of InfoComm and LDI is one of corporate versus entertainment. In the November issue of Rental & Staging Systems my column will touch on a frequent question How should we market our company? This is not something I can completely address in one piece, but I will talk about selling direct to end customers versus producers. This includes some important insights on the differences in the market channels between corporate and entertainment.

Finally, I want to encourage folks to notice the number of announcements in the trades about Green initiatives. There is an entire Green Meetings movement that you will need to be aware of as you plan for 2008. Google "green meeting" and see what comes up. I have also noticed that a number of you have added a green meetings statement to your website. Good for you! I predict that over the next couple of years we will see an increase in meeting RFPs with a green clause in them.

I promise more industry news in future issues. So much to tell, and so little space! Most importantly I want to thank our key sponsor Barco for making this service possible. See you at the show!

Tom Stimson, CTS
The Stimson Group


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