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POPAI University Online presents: A View from the Balcony

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Bring one of POPAI's most popular GlobalShop seminars to your conference room live on April 16

POPAI University Online presents: A View from the Balcony -- Insights, Trends and Opportunities to Leverage Design presented by John Gleason, founder and president, A Better View Strategic Consulting, LLC

When: April 16, 3 to 4:30 p..m. EDT

We live in interesting and challenging times. Research, innovation, design, packaging and in-store are no different -- and in fact, might lead the way for these interesting and challenging times. New realities include:

-Traditional consumer messaging has become ineffective (and prohibitively expensive and inefficient) at reaching target consumers

-50 to 80 percent of decisions are made in store/at shelf (according to different studies)

-Budgets are being squeezed and slashed

-Time is compressed (initiative timing, the cycle and frequency of initiative events, etc.)

-Everyone is trying to be the one-stop, full-service shop for all client/consumer communication needs.

The convergence of these realities and the pressures of competition, economics and economy have generated interesting behaviors from both sides of the business and creative relationship. John Gleason will lend his unique perspective (20-plus years at P&G) and his direct involvement into (and for) both sides of the creative relationship. He will offer insights regarding themes and trends that will continue challenge creative relationships and the effectiveness and value of the various ways to converse with consumers. He also will offer some insights and ideas as to the opportunities that might help you thrive in these challenging times, as well.

Registration is $125 for POPAI members, $250 for nonmembers. For more info or to register, visit POPAI online


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