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Rise Display Powers Utica College Finance Lab

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College graduates face heavy competition for top jobs in the finance and investing fields. At Utica College in central New York, a specially equipped classroom simulates the trading floor, giving them the advantage of real-world experience.

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Utica’s administration partnered with Rise Display to outfit its teaching resource room. The Finance Lab features an LED ticker that streams stock updates, identical to the technology used in the stock exchange. Utica College also invested in equipping the classroom with an interactive display, a teaching tool for faculty to share market data and lessons. Utica’s Finance Lab also features two Rise Display digital signs that stream updates on news, events, announcements, and weather.

“We have a mix of educational technology with state-of-the-art hardware, software, and data that are providing our students with opportunities to learn in an environment that they will be utilizing when they go out into the workforce,” said Dr. Rick Fenner, associate professor of Economics at Utica College.

Ryan Cahoy of Rise Display says that finance labs that simulate the trading floor have gained popularity on college campuses. “Using technology for teaching isn’t a new concept, but now business schools are seeing that we have even more applications that enhance the classroom and give their students a much-needed advantage.”

Dr. Fenner, who also serves as the Director of the College’s Mohawk Valley Center for Economic Education, said the Finance Lab is a resource that both students and faculty enjoy. He added, “It also provides us with a good place for recruitment. When people go by the trading room, they stop and look—the ticker, the fish bowl environment—and they see what’s going on inside the classroom. Utica College is very fortunate to have this trading room.”


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