Product Spotlight : June 2010

Product Spotlight : June 2010

Sound-Craft Mixer Console Desk

Security in a house of worship may seem like a non sequitur, but it is often a very real issue with regards to audio mixing and lighting control consoles. A simple solution to this issue is a mixer console desk with either a locking tambour roll top or security cover. Sound-Craft Systems offers a variety of models in standard or custom stained wood veneers to house mixing and control consoles, with optional equipment bays that can house other associated rack mounted electronics as well.

Sanus Systems WFAV44 AV Cabinet

The Sanus Foundations Woodbrook Series WFAV44 is a doublewide five-shelf AV cabinet with eight internal shelves. The construction and solid wood exterior eliminates resonance. Sanus’ convection cooling system allows heated air to escape as cooler air is drawn in, keeping AV components at a proper temperature. Removable glass and wood door inserts allow total flexibility in cabinet design. Features include locking adjustable shelves, an extra-large wire channel, and furnituregrade hinges.

HSA Series -II Style Rolltop Desk

With the ability to merge a variety of component parts into multi-station systems, HSA provides AV designers, dealers, and their customers with easy answers to any equipment housing and operating needs. Various components and options from HSA’s Inspire Rolltop Desk line have been configured to create HSA’s Series-II style Rolltop Desk control centers, a customized dual AV control center. It features twin, low-profile rolltop desks with additional internal clearance, an adjustable VideoBay table option for LCD monitors, an undermounted 10RU rackmount plus an 18RU siderack, and a special cutaway between the desks for more legroom and operator comfort.

Middle Atlantic Products C5 Credenza Rack Series

The new C5 Credenza Rack Series from Middle Atlantic Products is designed with a steel frame that ships quickly from stock, and a separate outer covering that can be tailored to the customer’s specifications. With this approach, the C5 Credenza Rack eliminates long waits, speeds up integration, and reduces the effects of shipping damage by shipping the outer Credenza surfaces separately from the rack structure. Installers can choose from one, two, or three bay rack sizes with a choice of styles and colors, making it ideal for worship spaces, education classrooms, and more.

Lowell LPR-42 Portable Presentation Rack

The LPR-42 portable presentation rack is a solution to house AV equipment in house of worship and educational facilities. Welded from 16-gauge U.S. steel, the rack measures 32 inches deep and 24 rack units high. It comes equipped with a smoked Plexiglas front door, vented rear door, inner platform mobile base with three-inch casters, graphite-grey laminate top, two-pair of adjustable mounting rails and mounting hardware. The inner platform is rated to support heavy equipment, up to 1,400 pounds. Abundant cable lacing holes, removable knockout panels above and below the rear door, and an open space between the front mounting rails and front-to-rear supports allow ample room for cable and wire management.

Winsted Insight Consoles

Winsted’s new Insight consoles maximize control room functionality with a space saving design that is modular, expandable, and customizable. Winsted designers reduced the depth of both the chase and the work surface on the Sight-Line console to create a solution with a more efficient footprint that meets ergonomic standards and provides ample desktop workspace. Insight consoles feature Winsted’s Versa-Trak monitor mounting system, which allows users to easily modify sightlines and viewing angles based on the needs of each operator.

Bretford PAL Cart

The Presenter’s Assistant for Learning (PAL) cart provides a single location to house all equipment in a complete multimedia station. The PAL cart supports a data projector, document camera, DVD player, MP3 player, sound system, gaming console, rack-mounted electronics, two equipment shelves, and a pull-out shelf for a laptop computer, resulting in endless technology combinations. The PAL cart houses everything together and its small 25- x 23-inch footprint can fit in other tight places while still providing easy access to the technology.

Video Mount Products PMC -S

Video Mount Products’ PMC-S small projector enclosure s for those who require small, ceiling mounted projectors be installed in specific and possibly guarded settings. Designed for VMP’s PM-2 and PM-3 projector mounts in order to protect enclosed small projectors from tampering and theft, PMC-S features include a lift-off lid for installation, an easy access hinge for maintenance, utilizes tamper resistant screws, and adjustable front security bars for lens placement.

Premier Mounts SpiroLock Projector Mount

Premier listened to installers and design engineers and combined various innovative mechanisms to create the SpiroLock. Premier utilized its Radial Glide System, SpiroLock mechanism, and the Lock-It security system. The new SpiroLock projector mount comes in three versions: a low-profile model, a model with an 11- to 15-inch extension pipe, and a model with a 1.5-inch NPT connector. To create positive customer experiences, the SpiroLock mount makes installation easier by including a set of long universal mounting legs.

Chief Short Throw Projector Arms

Chief’s Short Throw Projector Arms and projector mounts offer new features. Several installer-inspired features ensure a fast, trouble-free installation. A micro adjustment for height and leveling allows an installer to position the projector perfectly, regardless of the environment. A built-in telescoping extension of up to 54 inches helps achieve precise image alignment. The lateral shift capability allows the mount to span across multiple studs. Built-in cable management makes for a clean and safe installation every time. Six different mounts are offered in this line of projector arms for single or dual stud mounting, each with a different extension range.

Peerless DS-VW760

To expedite installation of video walls, Peerless Industries’ DS-VW760 full-service video wall mount features customized wall plate spacers, eight-point tool-less adjustment, and prop-open service access with top or bottom release. The modularstyle mount saves time by enabling multiple 40- to 65-inch flat panel displays to be precisely aligned without measuring and quickly serviced without dismantling the entire wall. Designed to support any display configuration from 2x2 to 3x2, 4x4 and beyond, the DS-VW760 ensures precision placement of multiple displays by providing wall plate spacers that have been customized to the dimensions of specific digital display models.

OmniMount ULPF-L

The low profile ULPF-L fixed mount fits most 37- to 63-inch flat panels up to 200 pounds and is well suited for those applications where seamless integration counts most. The ULPF-L is part of the ultra low profile series of fixed, tilt, and cantilever mounts offering a slim design without compromising functionality. Its built-in kickstand makes wiring your panel convenient. Lift n’ Lock allows users to easily attach their flat panel to the mount. A wall plate covers conceal mounting hardware, and its sliding lateral on-wall adjustment assists during installation.

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