AdMobilize Solidifies Growth with Eight New Global Partners

AdMobilize Solidifies Growth with Eight New Global Partners
  • AdMobilize has entered into eight new partnerships with a broad range of companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Examples of adMobilize's analytics technology

The partnering companies include Creative Realities (US), Convergent (US), Beta DMS (UK), Mizun (UAE), Vada (NZ), MediaEdge (Japan), UBI Communications (Canada), and Grupo EDM (Mexico). According to CEO Rodolfo Saccoman, these partnerships solidify the growing worldwide adoption of AdMobilize’s technology to capture, analyze, and utilize audience demographic data.

“More than 100 leading clients now rely on our proprietary technology, and it’s inevitable that this type of intelligence will soon be prevalent in all of digital signage,” said Saccoman. “AdMobilize bridges the gap between the digital revolution and disruptive computer vision analytics, ultimately infusing machine learning into formerly flat and lifeless displays. Our turnkey technology allows clients to activate their digital signage equipment and installations into sophisticated audience tracking devices enabled with interactivity and dynamic triggering…”

Depending on one’s usage and installation environment, the AdMobilize platform can, in real-time, track ad performance and customer engagement; capture people, vehicle, and crowd analytics; segment campaigns and content by hour and site; validate viewership; target by both audience demographic and emotion; optimize store traffic flow; locate popular zones; view store activity; and more. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud based dashboard or API that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make any necessary adjustments to content.

“As we look to the future, we forecast continued adoption of our products and native technology by more and more companies in an even broader range of industries,” added Saccoman. “The bottom line is this: the integration of artificial intelligence into your roadmaps today reminds us of when companies embraced the internet in 1995; those companies with vision proceeded to dominate their competitors while exponentially growing their revenues.”

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