Opening Up the Marketplace for AV Over IP

AVoIP may seem like a new idea, but the gradual convergence of AV and IP has been happening for some time.

We've been touching small points of it throughout the last decade or so. For example, putting an Ethernet port on the back of a processor 10 or 12 years ago was considered a significant development at the time. Think about that.

Our rapid progression toward IP-based technology is clear today. The uptake of AVoIP is on the rise as these solutions address IT-specific needs like network redundancy, AES encryption, and Forward Error Correction within the AV environment. For the most part, the fears of IT and AV convergence have passed, allowing us to move faster, provide quicker solutions and to allow organizations to manage these installations in the most efficient way possible.

The tools that IT departments have in place means they have the management and support capabilities in place for AVoIP. That then opens up the marketplace for AV manufacturers, AV integrators and consultants to design more solutions for those individuals and organizations. The next wave of these solutions around HDCP 2.2, HDR, and interoperability with key networked audio standards is sure to elevate the significance and value proposition of AVoIP in corporate, education and other collaborative AV environments.

Michael Crisci is the Business Development Manager of Atlona.