Watch This Children's Treatment Room Transform to a Peaceful Sanctuary

A child points at digital birds flying around a doctor's office.
(Image credit: Dimensional Innovations)

Going to the doctor's office is typically not on the top of activity lists for entertaining kids. As a dad, I can also confirm it is no fun to take your young child to the doctor, somewhere that is often viewed as quite the scary place to be.

Dimensional Innovations recently went to work at Children's Mercy Kansas City Burn Clinic to bring children a colorful, calming, and interactive experience to distract them from their visit and lower that anxiety level for parents, nurses, and children alike.

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A child picks the interactive experience as she prepares to enter the doctor's office.

(Image credit: Dimensional Innovations)

Prior to entering the treatment room, there is a smaller entry hallway where the child can set the stage and pick just about everything from color of the lights, the birds that fly around on the walls, and the music heard.

Imagine that? An environment that makes a child look forward to the trip to the doctor's office. Now that is a win.

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Experience the installation yourself and watch below. 

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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