Watch: Canon PTZs Ride the Waves...for Pepperdine Athletics Productions

A Canon CR-X300 4K PTZ sits pool side for sports.
(Image credit: Canon)

Pepperdine University has upgraded its sports broadcast capabilities. A key component in the streaming of games across all the Waves sports is the Canon  
CR-300 4K outdoor PTZ.

"We brought on Game-On Entertainment, and they do a fantastic job," explained Roger C. Horne, assistant director of athletics for communications at Pepperdine. "We're trying to make this the highest-level broadcast we can, something comparable to what you see on TV, and they help us do that."

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"He asked if that was something we would be interested in and I replied as quickly as I could, 'Absolutely. Yes,'" said Willy Rodriguez, president of Game-On Entertainment.

A Canon PTZ camera overlooks the Pepperdine soccer pitch.

(Image credit: Canon)

For Rodriguez, the choice to use Canon PTZ cameras seemed pretty easy. With the CR-300, Pepperdine and Game-On have flexibility in the camera angles they can capture from different vantage points for different sports. Plus, an operator can remotely control the camera. That is not only a major factor in today's hybrid world, but Game-On can get the camera in tricky spots that don't allows allow for a camera operator. 

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From covering impressive ranges of a different types of fields to ease of use, check it out for yourself. You can watch and see exactly how the different sports at Pepperdine are using PTZ cameras for a high-quality streaming experience.  

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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