Taste the Rainb-over-IP? AVIXA, Skittles, and Planning for AVoIP

AVIXA's Mark Metzger stands with a jar of Skittles to explain how pixels work in AVoIP.
(Image credit: AVIXA)

When creating an AV-over-IP network, understanding just how much bandwidth video consumes is pivotal. To visually conceptualize the massive amounts of data required over 4K and 8K formats, Mark Metzger of AVIXA turned to Skittles to illustrate.

From Standard Definition to 16:9 High Definition, Metzger takes us through the history of television and online video. By the time we arrive at modern day, well, it is going to take 26,415 Skittles to represent the 33 million pixels in 8K technology. 

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Jars of Skittles demonstrates the amount of pixels for video resolution in AVoIP.

(Image credit: AVIXA)

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Get your sweet tooth ready. See the whole video below for tips on planning video bandwidth over AVoIP. 

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