Reimagining Online Education: How Perceived Constraints Became Affordances in an Undergraduate Online STEM Course (EDUCAUSE Review)

"A high-quality online course that mitigates the inherent constraints and leverages the affordances of the online environment cannot be built overnight. However, in times of crisis—whether it be snow in the northeast or fires in the west—educators and students alike are frequently asked to just continue learning online. With remote teaching being used in emergency situations, proactively knowing how to teach and learn online is more important than ever. Educators at all levels need to have a sense of empirically based pedagogy to guide them when they are called to teach online."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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Compelling work by EDUCAUSE to help educators and instructional designers better understand student and build more sustainable online modalities. This study explores the ecology of feedback in online STEM courses and contextualizes responses to synchronous versus asynchronous. It's also fascinating to read how instructor and student perceptions varied across terms—sometimes dramatically.