Rapid Professional Development (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Institutions of higher learning, corporations, and other organizations face uncertain challenges and an uncertain future. Yet, the need for colleges and universities to develop and educate their workforce while carrying on with their core mission continues despite a myriad of constraints—many of which are completely outside the institutions' control. Support for the professional growth and development of staff and line positions at these organizations is perhaps more important than ever, especially given the environmental conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Even though their traditional work rhythm has been disrupted, employees at higher education institutions still want professional development opportunities."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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While the COVID-19 era has been fraught with disruption in higher education, the desire for professional development opportunities remains strong among staff. Consistent professional development opportunities go beyond helping workers build skills and boost team-based operations. Solid PD also boosts employee satisfaction, promotes retention and fosters individual growth.