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ETC Debuts Two New Theatrical Fixtures

ETC Source Four LED Series 3
(Image credit: ETC)

The What: ETC launched two new theatrical fixtures—Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel—designed for theatres looking to successfully launch themselves into the modern day with brightness, color mixing, and wireless DMX/RDM features. 

The What Else: Source Four LED Series 3 is the third generation of the color mixing LED fixture. Now boasting an eight-color mixing system that includes deep red LEDs, users can create nuanced colors with this fixture. 

ETC also adds a redesigned classic to its portfolio with Desire Fresnel. A full eight-color array, wireless DMX/RDM, an intuitive user interface, and NFC configuration from a mobile device using ETC’s Set Light app are a few of the features that come standard with Desire Fresnel. 

The Bottom Line: ETC has reworked how the lamp and lens work together so users get more light through the entire zoom range; ETC says Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre.

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