Create Better Student Support Structures for Remote Learning (EdTech Magazine)

"When we gain enough distance from the COVID-19 crisis to fully assess how we performed, we’ll have much to learn from the choices made by different institutions. Already, we’ve seen campuses jumping over numerous hurdles, from faculty development and technology infrastructure to complete mindset shifts. How they land will help determine the changes institutions make after they emerge from their lockdowns. But, throughout the crisis, IT leaders are increasingly exercising their adaptive muscles to help their institutions navigate rapid changes in an unprecedented time."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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While COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of higher ed, it has also spurred important innovation, with remote learning solutions quickly rolled out to serve students during the pandemic. Now that institutions have systems and solutions to provide learning, there are other aspects of the student experience that IT teams can help deliver creatively, supporting and serving our learners as they continue to navigate these unprecedented times.